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Sunday, 5 May 2013

~Sponsor Review~ ES Brand Handmade Soft Black False Eyelashes

happy saturday night all
* late
sorry long disappeared from blogging life
some days I'm very lazy blogging
* bad blogger
I prefer to sleep than blogwaking
because of I do not want to be affected at the reviews of some bloggers
because I had a nap this afternoon
and so long because of tired
now I can not sleep
and tonight I want to review the fake lashes sponsored by KKCenterHk

ES Brand 10 Pairs HandMade Soft Black False Eyelashes [ES-A10]   Lots Of 10 Pairs  Brand New In Retail Packaging   Make Your Eyes Look Bigger And Attractive  Can Be Re-use If You Take Them Off Carefully  False Eyelash With Box Package  Suitable For Any Personage   Can Be Used Party Or Professional Make Up

a month ago maggie from KKCenterHk contact me and willing sponsoring me
of course I accept it
maggie initially suggest me reviewing one of their nail products
because I still can not use nail polish very well, I chose reviewing false eyelashes
and maggie gives a chance to choose what I want to review
* so kindly>, <
I was very confused because false eyelashes in KKCenterHk website has a lot and have nice models
and my choice fell on the ES-A10
because I have a lot of false eyelashes are glamorous than natural

The ES lashes come with a black box
and it makes it look very elegant
the back of the box there is a way of fitting lashes with 4 different languages

ES eyelashes comes with 10 pairs
very a lot, right?
false eyelashes are made ​​in korea and handmade
seen from the details of false eyelashes has a different length
The eyelashes have long part its side
have details like dolly wink eyelashes
as tied one by one
and also has a clear band
which can give the impression of natural when used

On My Eyes

the first time I saw these false eyelashes
in my mind says these false eyelashes seem very long for my eyes
apparently not
false eyelashes is very natural when I use it
false eyelashes is very flexible
so I'm very hard to put it in my eye
because I'm used to using fake eyelashes hard band
unlike other false eyelashes
false eyelashes in my eyes is feels light
I like do not use the false eyelashes
and eyelashes are also very natural when used for daily day
like going to college and hang out
especially that loves to dress up style ulzzang
who always use cat eyes look
because the long false eyelashes
can give the impression of cat wink

ES brand may not be found in stores
and very hard to get the best quality eyelashes like this
false eyelashes also has 10 pairs in each box
and very easy to clean from glue
I can use it up to 5 times hahaha
actually yesterday, when I revoke this from the false eyelashes I had tears in my eyes because of the pain, because glue false eyelashes that I use very strong sticking * huhuhu TT
fake eyelashes is very easy to be separated from the band
have a clear band that gives a natural impression when in use
when used false eyelashes look very natural in my eyes
has a length that fits
and very light in use for daily

Rating :

free selca for you guys XD 
i wanted to try to be falsie model like taiwan girls .. but fail .. lol

Don't forget visit KKCenterHk
and if u interest with falsie i used, click this picture 

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happy weekend guys >0<" 

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