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Friday, 28 December 2012

~Review~ Etude House Color Me Nude Lip Concealer

Hy gurls
today i wanna review another product from Etude House again
i a lot buy Etude House Product ..
my fren told me "Why you buy lip concealer ur lips already pink "
because ..
i want buy, i must buy it
actually my lips not too pink
i saw got freckles
and i want my lips will get gyaru looks , because a lot of gyaru have nude lips

Etude House Color Me Nude Lip Concealer

Natural skin tone colored makeup conceals lip blemishes with smooth textured foundation that raises lipstick or gloss presentation and durability. Formulated with silicone coating powder supplies  moist adhesive layer that hold lip color cleanly. Formulated with vitamin E derivative and mango butter for lip lubrication and nourishment.
Net Wt. 0.16 oz

Thursday, 27 December 2012

[CLOSED] My First Mini Giveaway ~Bless Giveaway~

Hello my lovely readers ≧﹏≦
I want to say thank you for you all :D..
So i present you My First Mini Giveaway ~Bless Giveaway~
Ehem ~
Actually i'm lazy person, if do something always stop at half way ╭(╯ε╰)╮
Never serious doing something.. hahaha
But, different when i started blogging..
I found something new  (o^^)o
New friends, and etc..
A lot of people thinking i am arrogant person, maybe
Like i never do blog walking or seldom reply comment or etc o(╯□╰)o
actually ya... i always do blog walking hahaha reading a lot of post everyday, but i only be silent readers, because if i at home i online using my lovely handphone ╭(╯ε╰)╮
Now, i still searching great modem..
/stop words spaming ( ̄ε(# ̄)
i also want say "Arigato ∩__∩" for my readers who always visit my blog.. hehe
So i present you
Tarammm..... ╮(╯▽╰)╭

Ѽ Etude House My Mini Travel Kit
Ѽ Mask Leaders Insolution Aloe Soothing & Hello Kitty Pomegranate Antioxidant Facial Mask
Ѽ 4 pair Upper Dolly Falshie & 2 pair Lower Falshie
Ѽ Watch From SS.COM (White Only :D)
Ѽ Sample Skin Food Omija Whitening Emulsion
Ѽ Sample Lettuce & Cucumber Water Drop Essence

Looks Closer

Ѽ Etude House My Mini Travel Kit Ѽ
☆ Baking Powder B.B Deep Cleansing Form 30ml
☆ Precious Mineral BB Cream Bright Fit SPF30/PA++ Natural Beige W13 8g
☆ Moistfull Collagen Cream 10ml
☆ Moistfull Collagen First Essence 25ml

Ѽ Mask Leaders Insolution Aloe Soothing & Hello Kitty Pomegranate Antioxidant Facial Mask Ѽ
Leaders Insolution is Best Mask ever ≧﹏≦ my face become more fresh after using it ~`O`~

Ѽ 4 pair Upper Dolly Falshie & 2 pair Lower Falshie Ѽ

Ѽ Watch From SS.COM (White Only :D) Ѽ
If you ever read my post about i havent receive my packet almost 2 month, and the seller refund back the packet, this is packet inside. Watch 

Ѽ Sample Skin Food Omija Whitening Emulsion & Sample Lettuce & Cucumber Water Drop Essence Ѽ
And Accesories (still thinking about it xD)

☆ How To Join ??? ☆
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This Giveaway Ends 29 Jan'13 :D
I will pick the winner use
Btw... This Giveaway For Indonesia Residence Only (*>.<*)
I'm sorry for my International Readers..
But I'm promise, i will do INTERNATIONAL GIVEAWAY for Celebrating 1 years My blog..
I will Present you Special Prize xD..
So.. keep stay tune..
For Indonesia Blogger.. Please Kindly Join My mini Giveaway :D..

Saturday, 22 December 2012

~Review~ Etude House -Put Your Hands Up Waxing Patch-

Hy gurl ><
i come back with another review XD
today i wanna review Etude House Put Your Hands Up Face Waxing Patch

i call it Miss Mustache XD ..
a lot of girls fell so annoying with hair in few part .. (like me >,<)
actually i think ..
I don't care with Mustache on my face /slapped
but my baka pig see my face /i on flash when snap picture
he said "You got Mustache .. Remove it"
=3= .. u think thats easy ah .. LoL
actually i'm so interest doing treatment in ZAP
since i stay in borneo, and Zap only in Java State ..
i must throw far far about that treatment ..
hahahah ..
so ..
i saw this product release few month ago, i decide for buy this XD

Description :
Etude House Put Your Hands Up Face Waxing Patch :Formulated with moisturizing aloe vera, green tea and chamomile extracts, this cute style facial wax patch removes mustache-like hair quickly and easily, leaving you under nose skin clean and smooth.

How to use :
1. After washing face, throughly wet your under nose skin. The strip won't stick on dry skin.
2. Dry hands. Peel patch off plastic liner. Apply to under nose area, pressing down to ensure good contact with skin.
3. Let dry for 10-15 minutes under stiff to the touch. Slowly and carefully peel off starting at edges, pulling towards center.
Use 1-2 times a week.

10 Sheets

Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Circle Lens Giveaway From Sparkle Apple ft . Love Shopping Holics

Konichiwa ^o^
today i wanna share about Sparkle Apple Ft Love Shopping Holics Giveaway
u will get 3 Pair Cirle Lens and 3 animal Lenscase for 3 lucklies winner
for information u can visit her blog ><

Monday, 17 December 2012

My Christmas Swap with Kiki Caroline

Hy Girls it's my second post for today
i felt so boring, and i want today be my holiday days, 
about month ago Ci Shasha hosted an event among Indonesia Beauty Blogger Community, that is called Christmas Swap ..
i so interest join Christmas Swap Event, haha (although i'm not christian >,,<)
my partner is Kiki Coroline .. kiki is Nail Blogger ,, im so envy if i see her nail, because my mom never let me do nail art .. /pity me ..
i contact Kiki for 1st, and chit chat about what we like ..
Kiki is so friendly ,, >.<
i tough, my packet is lost .. because haven't coming, when i checked the tracking, is no data,
when i mention her about the packet, more than 10 minutes later, the post man come ..
hahahah ..
i felt so shy .. /slapped XD

so this is the packet

actually i so confuse how to open the box .. hahahah.. until i cutter the box >< ..
and ... Lol~ i'm so silly when i know how to open it =3=

and this what i got from Kiki ><

* Dear My Blooming Eyes PK001
* Proof 10 Liquid Liner in Brown
* Etude House Buffer Nail
* Sample Etude House Precious Mineral BB Cream

kyyyaaaaa Pink ><. my favorite color XD .. and yay .. finally i get Brown Liquid Liner, i wanted buy brown eyeliner btw >< .. sankyu kiki ,,
hope you enjoy your Christmas ><
i will review it soon XD...
and how about your presents >< ..
lets share about your Christmas Swap..

Merry Christmas >,<

oh ya ..
don't forget join Ci Rosdiana giveaway
the prize is very Fab ><

So lets go checki chekhi her blog ><?~

~Review~ Dolly Wink Falshie No. 2 Sweet Girly (New Packing)

Hy my sweety gurls ..
how are you XD?
today i wanna review my new falshie from Dolly Wink
who didn't know Dolly Wink ..
this product is produced by Tsubasa Masuwaka
should i told you who is Tsubasa Masuwaka ??
she is Popular Gyaru x Mama Gyaru and singer from Japan..
i love her looks >< ,,
although a lot of people say she is do Plastic Surgery.
and i ever saw old popteen magazine have her picture when she was be popteen model,
ya... different almost 100% from now.. hahah
i felt like wanna surgery my cheek also ... /slapped

i forget put my latest haul ><
already 2 month didn't post my haul ><
i bankrup guys X'D
somemore when black friday ..
i really bankrup ><
and luckly i get what i want XD
i will post about my haul ASAP >< /keep stay tune guys..

I bought Upper & Lower Lashes in Miaw Lens
she sell all Japan & Korea Product and i guarantee she sell 100% authentic ..
and more happy again i get discount 5% ><
i love join PO, because i can pay half price first XD
/stop words spamming

i bought Dolly Wink No. 2 Sweet Girly in New Packing.
i must waiting more than 1 month for PO Dolly Wink with new Packing ><

New Packing

Old Packing

Monday, 10 December 2012

~My December Wishtlist~

Because i felt so boring right now,
so i wanna share about my December Wish List ><
i'm a junkies, if i interest with some product, i must get that XD
actually, i seldom using what i buy, just collector XD
and that making my mom always angry with me TT
so... pity,, i buy with my own money also ..

So ....
this is ..

1. Urban Decay Naked Palette ..

i don't know i more interest with naked 1 than naked 2..
maybe because i more like the primer as the gift than lip gloss, hahah..
and naked 1 color more pop than naked 2 >.<
but price Naked 1 & Naked 2 so worth =3=... i must save and thinking so hard to buy this product,
because...... 60$ small like pencil case...
but, quality is number 1  =o=b...

2. NYX Round Lipstick Harmonica

i fall in love with this lipstick ><
i love the color of lipstick, so smooth and pink,,
but, although this not expensive and 1 from drugstore..
i don't know when i will buy this lipstick ><
maybe ... this month , or next month or wait kind people giving me this lipstick XD

3. Sigma Brush F80

Since i read a lot of people review this brush. i also wanted to buy this flat top brush ><
because this brush will giving you air brush effect ><
but, i dont know when i will buy this =3= .. because i'm poor..

4. Nature Republic Aloe Vera Soothing Gel 92%

a lot of beauty blogger review this product right now ><
i think this product will working to me..
because i have dry skin TT
i already told my brother for going to tunjungan plaza, surabaya 1 month ago ><
already 4 times i told him,
but he said later, later n later...
i don't want pay your phone bill again =3=
if i going to surabaya .. i will kick him, and don't want give he money again =.=
luckly my friend have friend stay at surabaya and will help me buy this ><
ureshiiiiii >///<
cannot wait for january

so that is i my wish list in this month
i don't know when i will buy this XD
since i'm just a student and freelance XD
have nice days >< ...

Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Giveaway I join XD

a lot of Giveaway this month

1. Giveaway Kilat dari Ci lulu ^^

2. giveaway dari ci shasha ><// 
say ... tanjobi omedeto ^^

so what are you waiting for ..
lets join ^^

~Liebster Awards~

thank you for Miss Bunny Beauty  and beautifyiu for nominated me in Liebster Awards ><
thank you so much ^0^


The Rules is :
1. Say Thank you to who giving you the Awards
2. Write 11 things about yourself
3. answer 11 question from people who tagging you
4. choose 11 blogger, who inspiration you, which their follower less than 200, and post their name in your blog
5. write 11 question for blogger you tag 


11 Things About me ..

  1.  i am 20 y.o with tall 159cm
  2. I don't like eat snacks and sweets foods (depends) but i'm chubby -3-
  3. i love vintage style 
  4. i never perm, dye, and do something with my hair only cut it, but a lot of people thinking i dye my hair until hyper black
  5. in my family, my sister and my brother have tan skin, me have fair skin
  6. in relationship with baka people in the worlds XD (my bf)
  7. cannot life without my handphone and flash unlimited,, hahaha,, i being crazy when my period data is already finish.. 
  8. i love make up, and i also softlens junkies
  9. i don't want snap my picture if i didn't put any lens .. haha
  10. i'm student and worker also
  11. my dream is around the worlds..... and have farm like game Harvest Moon Play Station 1.. haha

Question From Miss Bunny Beauty

1. Berapa lama biasa nya mandi? Ngapain aja segitu lama?
-----> 30 menitan lebih,, paling lama itu keramas/cuci rambut ribet pokoknya , pakai ini dan itu banyak sekali
2. Iphone atau Samsung galaxy ? Why?
-----> Samsung Galaxy, soalnya lebih gampang di gunakan daripada i-phone,
3. Benda apa yang gk akan lupa dibawa kalau keluar2 ?
-----> Hand phone pastinya .. hahaha
4. Lo bs masak? Paling jago masak apa?
-----> Bisa dong,, paling jago bikin Omurice XD
5. Pertama kali kenal make up umur brapa? Trus itu ud bisa ngapain aja?
-----> 18 thn (telat ya .. hahaha) cuma bisa pakai bedak dan eyeliner.,,
6. Apa film favorit lo?
-----> Ratatouille .. ngak tau kenapa suka ma ini film, ngak pernah bosen aja nontonya
7. Vacation destination impian kemana?
-----> Ke Eropa
8. Barang apa yang nyesel telah lo beli? kenapa?
-----> komik komik ku. ngak nafsu lagi baca komik dan gara gara mahal juga,,
9. Kalo dilahirkan kembali pengen jadi cewe/cowo? Why?
-----> cewe donk XD, Soalnya aku pengen dandan lagi, kalu jadi cowo suka dandan =3=
10. Pilih pinter tapi miskin / kaya tapi oon? kenapa?
-----> kalau pinter tapi kaya boleh ngak ? /slapped ..
11. Siapa youtubers favourite kalian?
-----> aku suka Michelle Phan :D


 Question From Beautifyiu

1. Apa motivasi kamu buat bikin beauty blog?
------> ingin punya banyak teman dan share tentang apa yang ku suka dan tidak ku suka 
2. Product all time favorite?
------> BB cream Missha .. Entah kapan aku bakalan review ini BB Cream.. Lol~
3. Target dalam hidup kamu yang ingin kamu capai?
------> ingin menikah dan punya anak laki-laki kembar XD impian sejak kecil .. hahha
4. Harapan untuk beauty blog kamu?
------> ingin bermanfaat n easy to read ..
5. Apakah orang- orang sekitar kamu mendukung kamu dengan kecintaan kamu terhadap beauty related stuffs?
------> tidak.. mama ku taunya marah tapi minjam barang2 ku -3-
6. 6places you want to go to?
------> raja ampat, eropa, amerika, cape town dan keliling asia pokoknya
7. Siapa atau apa penyemangat kamu ketika kamu down? 
------> siapa ya.. bf ku sendiri ngak berguna -3- ,, penyemangat ku ya diri ku sendiri ,, haha
8. Beauty guru favorite?
------> Michelle Phan dan Ling Luan Nini
9. Kapan pertama kali tertarik dengan makeup dan beauty products?
------> pas masuk kuliah, umur 18 thn
10. Pede keluar rumah tanpa make up sama sekali?
------> yup.. tiap hari keluar tnpa make up XD, malah ngak pede jalan pake make up.. di liatin orang mulu =3=
11. Make up apa yang selalu kamu bawa- bawa kemana pun kamu pergi?
------> Lip Balm .. :D


My Question :
  1. why do you like make up ?
  2. what is the first make up product you buy ?
  3. eyeliner, bb cream, powder, what is important for you ?
  4. what make u interest to be beauty blogger ?
  5. what is your favorite brand make up ?
  6. do you like local product or no ?
  7. who is your favorite make up guru ?
  8. when you want buy some make up product, u will ask the money from your parents, or u save your money ?
  9.  what you to do when you in long holiday ?
  10. when u in long traveling, what is you important things you will bring  ?
  11. who will you choose ? your parents or your boyfriends ?

People I Tag :

Monday, 3 December 2012

~Make Up Tutorial~ Autumn / Momiji Leaf Eyes

maybe it's too late for post this tutorial ...
winter is coming.
but, i don't want so fast leave Autumn ..
i love autumn season ><
cold and ... harvest times..
in japan when autumn you could be fatter ..
a lot of foods ><"...
i love Momiji Leaf ..
red mix oranges.. 
 very warm colors ..

so lets start ><