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Wednesday, 30 April 2014

~ Introduce & Sponsor Review ~ Born Pretty Store Fake Lashes Part.1

finally, I have a passion for blogging again 
as usual, the same reason that I was too busy with activities outside of the blog world 
so many drafts that I have not shared on my blog 
and now I have a bit of spare time, because I experience boredom 
My break time is when I'm sick 
and now I'm suffered it, and therefore I can make newest post 

Today I will review one of the fake eyelashes (again 
as do you know, i really addict with fake eyelashes 
but, my bf does not like it image
he say too obvious 
but, I still use it 

Alicia from Born Pretty Store contacting me, if I would like review one of the products from their stores 
of course I agree 
hehehhe image
Alicia letting me choose 2 products from their store, and they have a wide range of products, 
such as make up, nail art, contact lenses etc. 
and always, I'm always drawn to the make-up category image
the shipping is free for any purchase and worldwide shipping 

lastly, I chose 2 boxes false eyelashes
for the upper and lower lashes
and first of all I'm going to review the top false eyelashes image