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Sunday, 26 May 2013

~Review~ Synthetic Fake Bangs

hy peeps ..
actually this is my boring days ever, huhu
luck still have free access internet and computer at here
i don't know where is my phone Q,Q
so i spend my time for nothing
and i see this post as my draft, should i review it 2 weeks ago but i forget it
so in hot summer days, i want to review

I bought this fake bangs than 3 months ago
I actually do not have intention to buy this
and at that time I was going to the mall and wait for my friend
when she came, we decided to go to one of the existing accessories store at the mall
and there a lot of selling hair clip, fake bangs, fake pony tail, etc.
I found this fake bangs, and try it in the store too
my friend says it looks natural
and the fact that my hair is very thin
I think it might not have a lot of thick hair
I have hair loss problems
and very disturbing
when using the bangs, I had to cut it up at the end of the hair, to make my bangs look thicker
but I also have oily hair problem
but still, my hair is hair lion
when looking in the mirror by using these fake bangs, I'm very interested to have it
because I have such thick bangs that I want
and I decided to buy it, and when I asked about the price
This fake bangs costs only $ 2
super mega cheap
I see from the online shop is about $10
I'm so lucky XD

behind the fake bangs have a clip that serves to hold that are not easily loose when put into our hair
how to use it is very easy

I chose black fake bangs
because my hair is very dark
and shine haha
and I think the black color of the fake bangs are not too shine
almost the same as my original hair color
I chose flat bangs in the front or bangs dora
because I do not really like the side bangs, make my face look long

ehem ..
This is my original hair
my real bangs are very long
I actually intend to cut it, but my mom told me, my head bald if I use dora bangs
actually when high school my bangs really long
when I was high school, I had a male friend who slightly femininity
He advised me to cut my bangs, to make it look more fresh
and I accepted his advice, and my bangs cut as he suggests
the first time I went to school, I was very embarrassed
and one of my male friends told me, I'll remember your face like this forever
and I received a good response from my friends when cutting hair
and until now I still maintain dora bangs, even though it is forbidden to cut
oh ya,
in this photo, the first time I draw my eyebrows
what do you think? still messy ><

Fake Bangs in My Hair
Without Flash

With Flash


I think this is very natural fake bangs
because the same color as my original hair
not easily tangled
and very easy to comb
The bangs can also be in style, to side bangs
not too shiny, because my real hair is also very shiny
but it is very heavy bangs, if not ever use your fake hair or fake bangs
maybe your head can be a bit dizzy
when I use the fake bangs a lot of people think that this is my real hair
and my friend had to ask, where did I put my fake bangs
I say, it's me use it
she said, really? I do not see it
with very cheap price
fake bangs are very satisfied me
and I do not regret to buy it
but unfortunately it is easy to fake bangs fall out Q,Q

Thank you  for reading,
i hope this review help you >,<
see another post,, and dont forget support me at IBB MUC
wish me luck :D

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