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Sunday, 28 April 2013

~Review~ Etude House Sweet Recipe Baby Choux Base #3 Peach

hi lovely girl
I'm actually from yesterday I wanted to review something
but because someone made ​​me moody
I see on facebook if McD malaysia give hello kitty dolls for kids meal purchase
i ask him to get it, but he told me, I was there just for that,
such hopeless
is better than i ask him go to singapore,
forget about he
today I want to review one of my favorite makeup

Sweet Recipe Baby Choux Base by Etude House SPF 25 PA++

Get Sulli's baby soft skin with the Baby Choux Base! Use this base alone or under your regular bb cream to correct your skin tone and smooth out your skin texture. Mint choux is suitable for red, flushed skin, berry choux is suitable for pale skin, while peach choux brightens up dull skin tones.
Volume: 13 gr

etude sweet recipes are a series of new products which are released by etude house
actually I'm not that interested in the new brand ambassador
is Sulli and Krystal
because I prefer to Sandara
not because I balckjack
Sandara is more powerful and of course she is very pretty
I'm interested to buy this, because I read a lot of reviews saying that this makeup base is very good
and I also do not have a make up base
I like the concept of the sweet recipes
bring my favorite pastry is choux pastry
and therefore I want to buy this
because i being crazy with choux pastry
i choose # 3 because my face is rather dull
and I have panda eyes

*ETUDE HOUSE* Sweet Recipe Baby Choux Base 
#03 Peach Choux
SPF25, PA++
This light and fluffy choux cream-like makeup base creates baby choux skin with its moist inside and soft smoothness on the outside<Recipe for Baby Choux skin>You need...Clean skin, Baby Choux Base, 1 Spoon of Moisture, 2 Spoons of Soft Smoothness[Directions] Smooth over entire face for a choux cream-like soft, smooth complexion.[Caution] 1. Use only as directed, 2. Avoid storing in high and low temperatures and areas exposed to direct sunlight, 3. Cease use if problems arise
[Net Wt.] 25 g (0.88 oz)
Description with Korea language

etude house packing box is very cute and sweet
equipped with choux pastry image
makes me not want to throw it away
each side of the box is equipped with information about their products
and also about etude house
QR code form is also very cute
reminds me of the story tale jack and jill cake house

jar of baby choux is made of thick glass
and allows not even fall will be broken or damaged
jar with a transparent color
allows us to see the contents of the choux baby without having to open the lid
the lid shape is also very unique
and peachy color 

when I opened it, I saw there was a plastic cover to hold the cream to not mess
The plastic actually looks a bit messy
because I cleaned it before I photo
when you first view the cream 
This is very creamy and soft
if you could say, as we knead the dough cakes and become foamy
unfortunately I did not get a spatula cream
I saw some of the reviews, they get a free spatula when purchasing this baby choux
due to lack of hygiene using fingers, I prefer to buy small spatula that is often available in stores accessories

baby choux has aromas of peaches
I love peaches so I had no issues with smell
because the texture is very soft, baby choux is very easy to blend in face
I only use your finger when you blend this baby choux 
Swatch On My Face

I really like the results of the use of baby choux
makes my face brighter
and I use it not using bb cream
just use loose powder
baby choux can shrink my pores and blackheads on my nose cover
can see I have a small pimple on my nose
and baby choux can reduce the redness caused by acne
oil control is also very good
and baby choux is equipped with SPF25
so I use makeup base is only when using the fairy drop bb cream
because fairy drop bb cream it does not contain SPF 
I also use it with other bb cream, but not too over, because I do not want my face too white exceeds the hands and neck 
image very cute packing
image contain SPF
image bright my skin face
image can use it with out bb cream or concealer
image the jar not easy fragile
image can cover my redness and reduce my big pore too
image super soft and creamy texture
image love the smell
image moisture my skin
image good oily control

image i didn't get spatula
image very hard to get, actually my city already have store for sell it, but too expensive, and lucklly me i get it with adorable price

Rating : 

Repurchase ??  maybe , in other shades :D maybe berry choux ? 

thanks for reading my review ..
happy weekend all <3 

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