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Friday, 31 May 2013

~Sponsor Review~ Starbox March Edition

ohayou girls >o<
i think is too morning i posting it
actually i want to post it last night, but I accidentally fall asleep 
on this cloudy morning 
I would like to review one of the star look beauty box 
I'm very happy to get this beauty box 
especially now that a lot of beauty bloggers reviewing about beauty box 
and kind enough to send me 2 beauty box 
that is march and april STARBOX

If you're still confused about STARBOX
What is Starbox?
Starbox is a monthly subscription service that provides you with the opportunity to try the entire Starlooks, Pro-Quality Makeup Line at an exclusive, discounted price!

Why should I choose Starbox over other Beauty Box Subscriptions?
We completely understand your concern. There are a lot of great choices out there! However, most beauty boxes only provide samples – most of which you can obtain by simply walking into the mall. Some companies offer full size product, but most of them can be purchased at drug stores and/or are of drug store quality.
Starlooks is a PRO quality makeup line, comparable to Makeup Forever, Sephora, M.A.C, Chanel, Dior, and other department store brands at which you would normally have to pay hundreds of dollars for just 3-4 FULL SIZE products. The value of the content you receive in your Starbox each month ranges from $35.00 - $99.00, and we give it to you for just $15.00 per month + shipping, and our rate is STILL less than our closest subscription box competitors!
Why do we do this? Because we want you to try our high-quality, yet affordable, makeup line, love it (we know you will), and become a lifetime Starlooks Makeup customer. NOT because we want you to head to the grocery store and buy a lip gloss every once and a while ;) Our subscription box is for people who love makeup and appreciate professional quality.
PLUS! Our boxes, unlike other subscriptions, are NOT comprised of random selections of product. Our Creative Team (a wonderful group of highly trained professionals from the beauty and fashion industry) carefully plans each month based on professional beauty and fashion forecasts, and products are carefully selected to guarantee that each box contains a complete “look” that is not only fashion forward, but also current. You won’t find that anywhere else!

Where do your products come from?
Our amazing products are formulated at facilities located in Canada and California (US) using ingredients collected from locations all over the world – Starlooks likes to make sure our products are created using the best quality ingredients available, which can only be done by searching the world!
Some of our beautiful packaging is outsourced from China and some is custom designed right here in the US. So, there you have it! I guess you can call us a "worldly brand.
and for more FAQ you can click HERE

probably in March already 2 months passed
U.S. - my home it took 1 month * lol
when the box arrived my house, I was very confused, and I think sent doubel beauty box to me
because it has the same tracking number on the package
and when I opened it, I was very surprised because it has a different box in each package
STARBOX in March has very vintage box, golden colored brown and decorated with gold-colored rubber strap
STARBOX each month has a different theme
and in March this theme is Bold and Natural
at the back of the card that is in there STARBOX explanation of the products they send to us
and wow,,
if in total it worth about $ 40
if you buy the products separately or individually
and if we subscribe Starbox, we only pay $ 15
super great deal for an awesome product

Sunday, 26 May 2013

~Review~ Synthetic Fake Bangs

hy peeps ..
actually this is my boring days ever, huhu
luck still have free access internet and computer at here
i don't know where is my phone Q,Q
so i spend my time for nothing
and i see this post as my draft, should i review it 2 weeks ago but i forget it
so in hot summer days, i want to review

Friday, 24 May 2013

I'm being 5 top Finalist in IBB MUC >,< /URESHII

I totally shock today >,<
because this is my first time join IBB MUC.
so i didn't hope too much..
last night, i don't know my stomach was pain, until i cried and cannot sleep
and that time is 3am something >,<
did you know, ghost is appear at 2am and 3am
and i can feel that
ya, that time i many times go back to kitchen to make warm water and of course going toilet
but, ya i know, it's heart burn ==
that pain make me cannot sleep, and  i saw my cousin laptop is on,,
and i saw, hahahahah ya normal boi boi . lol
then i take her laptop for online, because i cannot sleep, and do my activity ..
that is become silent reader in blog worlds XD
so i saw announcement who is to be 5 finalist in IBB MUC ,
and i saw my picture >,<
 i cannot believe it,i tough my eyes got problem, since who all pretty girls join it >,<
credit IBB Web.
all pretty girls is joining >,<
and my picture in the bottom, beside the pretty baby face mommy hahaha
i never think for to be a winner /are you sure ?? XD
i want ppl like me and help me >,<
if you see this photo in this link -------- > MUC IBB

please vote me ya >,< no #2
/ i feel like elections =='' lol
and thank you for reading and wish me luck >,< 
/amen ...

Wednesday, 22 May 2013

~D-I-Y~ How I Fix My Broke Blush ??

holaa . i'm back again >,<
i lil busy few weeks
because i have something to do
only few people know where i am now, xP
this is my 1st post about D-I-Y
because i always posting about Review, review and review
beside that is make up tutorial
tonight i want show you how i fix my broke blush??
for me blush is not too important,,
why ?
because my cheek already red without blush
especially since I live in the city where the weather is fairly hot (smd)
because of that, i seldom go every where every there (except night)
i fast dehydration also, so i must bring mineral water every day
if i spend my time at home, i always hide at my dark bed room, without sunlight
only my note book light
especially now is summer
sun will killing me >,<
skip the another story ,,,
this blush i have from
because i won her giveaway >,<
but this blush is broken was shipping TT
and i already fix this blush few month ago,
and 1 month ago my lovely fren went to my home, ==""
she only try my make up stuff and i only saw her
then she say, "this blush ever you fix right ?"
i said "yes, but don't make that blush fall, because the blush fast broken"
i just say that, she make my blush hit the floor ==
i saw a lot of dust of blush on my floor,
she say don worry ==
when i open the box few week ago
=='' *poker face
you can see how blurr my blush, after kiss floor
last my haul post, have 1 people request me make a tutorial how i fix my blush
it's so simple ..
u can follow the step on picture bellow :D

it's very simple right >,<
i hope you enjoy with my post..
see you next post xoxo ..

Thursday, 16 May 2013

~IBB Makeup Challenge~ Dull to Doll

yuhoooo ~ ~ ~ ~
The first time i join IBB makeup challenge
actually had long wanted to join previous challenge
but I do not have time
aka delayed
when I know the makeup challenge this month on Dull to Doll, I decided to join this challenge
because I love dolly makeup
although my face does not like dolls and you can say fail

Wednesday, 15 May 2013


what do you think if heard a word "Circle Lens" ?
in our day who still do not use circle lens?
circle lens are now very popular, especially the brand korea
when I was a kid, about 15 years old I was wearing glasses
and that time circle lens price could reach $ 50
and after graduating high school, I decided to use the circle lens
because at that time I wanted to make my eyes bigger
and of course make me more beautiful
now many real shop or online shop selling a wide range of circle lens
of brand china, korea, and japan
like online shop is very famous, is

Uniqso is an online shop that sells a variety of circle lens of some famous brands
onlineshop they are based in Malaysia but they ship to worldwide

they also provide various unique promo
so, if you want to make your eyes more beautiful and dolly,
lets check Uniqso Site
a lot of pretty circle lens should you try; D

Thursday, 9 May 2013

~Review~ Fairy Drop Vanilla Puff Mineral Powder #Ochre

another post i posted in early morning
look clock -----> 5 am
I want to say thank you very much for the loyal readers of my blog
my blog can reach 700-1000 hits per days and now want to reach 70000 hits 
i wan to say どうもありがとうございました
I'm sorry if my english is very bad
I used to use Japanese and Indonesian language in my daily life
sometimes english
and the photo quality is not good
i need a new camera
lol ~
I actually had gone to bed, but woke up again
I'm waiting for my boyfriend reply to my message
but,, he's no reply to my message
and eventually I fell asleep and woke up because I forgot to turn off my phone access data
because I could not sleep so I decided to review one of my HD products

The Fairydrops Vanilla Puff Mineral Powder makes the skin look and feel smooth and soft. Cover with thin film and protect from dry and rough skin. Micro-gold Pearl hides scars and freckles without a shiny-effect. Made in Japan with 99% natural mineral powder. Comes with a mirror in the lid, compact for easy application anywhere. If you have yellow or golden undertones, this would be perfect for you.
Directions:  Remove cap from container and pat sponge side onto top of hand until product is dispensed. Tap onto face on desired areas. Use sponge to blend if desired. OR unscrew sponge side and use face brush to apply.

Sponge applicator for easy usage
Soft powders
Smoothens and softens skin
99% natural mineral powder

Wednesday, 8 May 2013

~Sponsor Review~ Vassen Lily Series Glamour Eyes 3 Tone #Blue

heyyyy gurl ❀ヽ(ˉ▿ˉ)ノ❀
This few days my body feels very tired ( ̄¬ ̄)
because a lot of college assignment I have to do (/TДT)/あうぅ・・・・
last night I should have posted this post
but I fell asleep while waiting upload photos on my blog
and when wake up is at 7 am (。◕ˇ×ˇ◕​。)
and I'm late for class
but never mind, my tutor so kind 
/ slap image
today I want to review one of the my new sponsor which is located in Thailand 
sawadekka XD,, mario maurer ............ / Im addict with Thailand movie hahah the actor handsome ♥═━┈┈ (→∀←人)㋜㋖ giving me a chance to review one of the products which they sell. 
and I can choose the lens I want (๑>◡<๑)
after the deal, I had to wait about 2 weeks,
when they ask if my lens is coming or not, and less than 30 minutes I replying email from them that their package has not arrived, the postman came and told me there was a parcel from Thailand (╬☉д⊙)=◯)`д゚)・;’ 

package of them arrive safely
and can be seen, there is a cute character stickers (づ ̄ ³ ̄)づ

when I opened the package
I found the packing of the package is very safe
layered with a warp bubble that is not easily broken or damaged
when I opened it ..
there is a bamboo box, I really love bamboo boxヽ(^Д^)ノ
pink pen with a mouse character, double color pen, ink color has a blue and black
cute blue bear earring
1 pair circle lens and lens case
so many gifts and so cute (ღ˘⌣˘ღ)

and lets to review 

These Lily series Glamour eyes 3 tone blue contact lenses acre Reviews perfectly designed hotel to show a vibrant blue color in a natural way with its a adorable Reviews tiny lines at the edge of Reviews the Eye instead of a usual bold line on most cosmetic contact lenses, and this design is very interesting, bringing a graceful natural look into Cell eyes. The 3 tone color of Reviews the Lily glamour blue blends Reviews very well with Cell natural eye color even on the darkest brown eyes And Out blue tint Reviews nicely changes your own color into an amazing blue color for Americans a very beautiful result. Vassen Lily Series Glamour Eyes 3 tone blue colored contact lenses are the best choice for Cell delicate eyes and a good choice for a first contact lenses order, as their soft quality material will always the make Them extremely comfortable to wear, so we recommend you to add this Vassen Lily Glamour 3 tone blue into Cell wish list. Jazz up Cell day with Reviews beautiful blue eyes that will fascinate everybody around and give a new meaning for Americans glamorous eyes.

Description :
~ Diameter of 15.0 mm
~ Water content 55%
~ Base curve 8.6
~ 1 year disposable (recommended use for 4-6 months)
~ Packaged in sterile buffered saline
~ FDA and EU approved contact lenses
~ Ophthalmologists and optical shops certified
~ Buy without prescription
~ Perfect for both dark and light colored eyes

Sunday, 5 May 2013

~Sponsor Review~ ES Brand Handmade Soft Black False Eyelashes

happy saturday night all
* late
sorry long disappeared from blogging life
some days I'm very lazy blogging
* bad blogger
I prefer to sleep than blogwaking
because of I do not want to be affected at the reviews of some bloggers
because I had a nap this afternoon
and so long because of tired
now I can not sleep
and tonight I want to review the fake lashes sponsored by KKCenterHk

ES Brand 10 Pairs HandMade Soft Black False Eyelashes [ES-A10]   Lots Of 10 Pairs  Brand New In Retail Packaging   Make Your Eyes Look Bigger And Attractive  Can Be Re-use If You Take Them Off Carefully  False Eyelash With Box Package  Suitable For Any Personage   Can Be Used Party Or Professional Make Up