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Wednesday, 15 May 2013


what do you think if heard a word "Circle Lens" ?
in our day who still do not use circle lens?
circle lens are now very popular, especially the brand korea
when I was a kid, about 15 years old I was wearing glasses
and that time circle lens price could reach $ 50
and after graduating high school, I decided to use the circle lens
because at that time I wanted to make my eyes bigger
and of course make me more beautiful
now many real shop or online shop selling a wide range of circle lens
of brand china, korea, and japan
like online shop is very famous, is

Uniqso is an online shop that sells a variety of circle lens of some famous brands
onlineshop they are based in Malaysia but they ship to worldwide

they also provide various unique promo
so, if you want to make your eyes more beautiful and dolly,
lets check Uniqso Site
a lot of pretty circle lens should you try; D

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