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Thursday, 9 May 2013

~Review~ Fairy Drop Vanilla Puff Mineral Powder #Ochre

another post i posted in early morning
look clock -----> 5 am
I want to say thank you very much for the loyal readers of my blog
my blog can reach 700-1000 hits per days and now want to reach 70000 hits 
i wan to say どうもありがとうございました
I'm sorry if my english is very bad
I used to use Japanese and Indonesian language in my daily life
sometimes english
and the photo quality is not good
i need a new camera
lol ~
I actually had gone to bed, but woke up again
I'm waiting for my boyfriend reply to my message
but,, he's no reply to my message
and eventually I fell asleep and woke up because I forgot to turn off my phone access data
because I could not sleep so I decided to review one of my HD products

The Fairydrops Vanilla Puff Mineral Powder makes the skin look and feel smooth and soft. Cover with thin film and protect from dry and rough skin. Micro-gold Pearl hides scars and freckles without a shiny-effect. Made in Japan with 99% natural mineral powder. Comes with a mirror in the lid, compact for easy application anywhere. If you have yellow or golden undertones, this would be perfect for you.
Directions:  Remove cap from container and pat sponge side onto top of hand until product is dispensed. Tap onto face on desired areas. Use sponge to blend if desired. OR unscrew sponge side and use face brush to apply.

Sponge applicator for easy usage
Soft powders
Smoothens and softens skin
99% natural mineral powder

Fairy Drop Vanilla Puff Mineral Powder This is a continuation of the review Fairy Drops Volume Burst Mascara Japan Las Vegas Limited and Fairy Drops Candy Bar BB Cream #Light Ochre
* click the link if want to read the review
I always use powder after applying bb cream
because I do not like my skin felt sticky
so the powder is the most important thing no 2 after eyeliner
I'm always looking for a powder that does not clog my pores
because it is very disturbing
This Fairy Drop Vanilla Puff Mineral Powder claim we can use until we sleep
means the powder is very light and safe for the skin?
let us prove
The packing of Fairy Drop Vanilla Puff Mineral Powder very small around 56gr
like packing Fairy Drops Candy Bar BB Cream #Light Ochre, Fairy Drop Vanilla Puff Mineral Powder is also was decorated with a picture of a diamond around the lid
its so unique, different from powder which I often buy
This has a mirror on top lid
help us to look at the mirror when we do retouch, so travel size ..

when I opened the lid, in which there is no sponge powder puff as we often buy
but the sponge applicator incorporated into powder cover
I often see the blush that has a puff like this
so we use it only with a tapping it in the face
there is a hole in the applicator for ease powder out when tapped

sponge applicator upon opening, there is a clear colored cover
and function hold that the powder does not fall apart when opened

when using this powder, I always pour the powder first on the cover
because, "savings" * just kidding
I think it's easy to put the powder in there, so when we opened the sponge applicators, powder will not fall off and mess
when I tapping it a few times, and appeared powder in sponge applicator

I use color Ochre
slightly yellowish color when seen
fairydrop has about 5 shade
I prefer the Ochre, because the result is matte and no shimmer
I most like the scent
vanilla aroma
such as milk powder vanilla flavor
very sweet aroma

Swatch On Hand

On My Face

texture of this powder is very soft, especially when applied to the face
very easy, and does not clog my pores
results are matte makes my face look natural and bright
Sometimes I just use this powder after wearing sunblock
staying power on my face in a very good
lees than 5-6 hours I do not feel my face oily
Sometimes when we wiped his face with a tissue, there is always a foundation that stuck in tissue
and this powder was not
such as not using the powder, very light on the face

image cute packing
image have mirror
image travel size
image the texture very soft
image vanilla scents <3
image can say, i bought it with great price . haha
image great oil control

image hard to get at here
image expensive
image small ..

Rating :

Repurchase ?? Yes, if the travel set still available hahahha

thanks for reading >,<
see yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa 

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