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Friday, 31 May 2013

~Sponsor Review~ Starbox March Edition

ohayou girls >o<
i think is too morning i posting it
actually i want to post it last night, but I accidentally fall asleep 
on this cloudy morning 
I would like to review one of the star look beauty box 
I'm very happy to get this beauty box 
especially now that a lot of beauty bloggers reviewing about beauty box 
and kind enough to send me 2 beauty box 
that is march and april STARBOX

If you're still confused about STARBOX
What is Starbox?
Starbox is a monthly subscription service that provides you with the opportunity to try the entire Starlooks, Pro-Quality Makeup Line at an exclusive, discounted price!

Why should I choose Starbox over other Beauty Box Subscriptions?
We completely understand your concern. There are a lot of great choices out there! However, most beauty boxes only provide samples – most of which you can obtain by simply walking into the mall. Some companies offer full size product, but most of them can be purchased at drug stores and/or are of drug store quality.
Starlooks is a PRO quality makeup line, comparable to Makeup Forever, Sephora, M.A.C, Chanel, Dior, and other department store brands at which you would normally have to pay hundreds of dollars for just 3-4 FULL SIZE products. The value of the content you receive in your Starbox each month ranges from $35.00 - $99.00, and we give it to you for just $15.00 per month + shipping, and our rate is STILL less than our closest subscription box competitors!
Why do we do this? Because we want you to try our high-quality, yet affordable, makeup line, love it (we know you will), and become a lifetime Starlooks Makeup customer. NOT because we want you to head to the grocery store and buy a lip gloss every once and a while ;) Our subscription box is for people who love makeup and appreciate professional quality.
PLUS! Our boxes, unlike other subscriptions, are NOT comprised of random selections of product. Our Creative Team (a wonderful group of highly trained professionals from the beauty and fashion industry) carefully plans each month based on professional beauty and fashion forecasts, and products are carefully selected to guarantee that each box contains a complete “look” that is not only fashion forward, but also current. You won’t find that anywhere else!

Where do your products come from?
Our amazing products are formulated at facilities located in Canada and California (US) using ingredients collected from locations all over the world – Starlooks likes to make sure our products are created using the best quality ingredients available, which can only be done by searching the world!
Some of our beautiful packaging is outsourced from China and some is custom designed right here in the US. So, there you have it! I guess you can call us a "worldly brand.
and for more FAQ you can click HERE

probably in March already 2 months passed
U.S. - my home it took 1 month * lol
when the box arrived my house, I was very confused, and I think sent doubel beauty box to me
because it has the same tracking number on the package
and when I opened it, I was very surprised because it has a different box in each package
STARBOX in March has very vintage box, golden colored brown and decorated with gold-colored rubber strap
STARBOX each month has a different theme
and in March this theme is Bold and Natural
at the back of the card that is in there STARBOX explanation of the products they send to us
and wow,,
if in total it worth about $ 40
if you buy the products separately or individually
and if we subscribe Starbox, we only pay $ 15
super great deal for an awesome product

There are 4 different products and Full Size
no sample
that is :
~ Futter Lipstick
~ Dissaray Eyeshadow
~ Legthening Mascara
~ Vanilla Sugar Lips
for discount code you still can use this coupon code :D
and you can find and follow them too via social network
A Pro Quality, intensely-saturated, moisturizing lipstick available in 2 amazing finishes! Whether worn alone or with other Starlooks lip products, this rich formula comes in a vast array of colors to complete every desired look. Choose from a wide variety of majestic mattes, fantastic frosts, stunning satins, and glistening glosses. Versatile and timeless, Starlooks Lipsticks are beautifully packaged in sleek, black cylinders with a slice of each specific shade conveniently visible on the bottom - each perfectly portable and easily applied directly or with a brush for a softer look. Currently available in an astonishing 69 shades!

Natural Light

With Flash

Natural Light

With Flash
This lipstick reminds me of the NYX lipstick packing
The color is orange and shimmer
This is a bold item of STARBOX in March
I love the texture of this lipstick
very softer and easier to apply on the lips
unfortunately the color of the lipstick is very old for me
if only this lipstick pink or nude I would give 5 stars rating XD
With majestic mattes, stunning satins, superb sparkles, and marvelous mattes with sparkle, Starlooks offers 87 pro-quality, deeply pigmented, incredibly smooth eye shadows available in beautiful finishes. Offered in both “single compact” and “palette pan” versions, so you can create your own palette using one of our customizable shadow compacts!

This is my first single eyeshadow
size, rather large for a single eyeshadow
The color of eyeshadow like dark blue
and is perfect for smoky eyes makeup
very soft and does not fall out or powdery
This is a shimmer eyeshadow
but when applied, to be a matte eyeshadow
and the color is quite out if not using eye primer
and I'm very liked this eyeshadow X3
Our Lengthening Mascara has a huge, fluffy, tree-shaped applicator that allows for no clumping and is full of rich, black, Kohl pigment to allow the blackest lashes possible. This mascara creates the effect of a fluffy  feather-like lash that is also lengthened to the fullest. Expect longer lashes - and with 2 or 3 coats, the base of the lash will thicken by 50%!

This mascara packing was made of materials such as iron
and quite heavy for its size mascara
I think to beat people, this mascara is very useful
This mascara gives lashes a natural for me
and this mascara seems dry
maybe I'll soak them in hot water
mascara brush is big enough for my eyes
because my eyes are quite small >, <
Our "Vanilla" (All Natural) Lip Scrub expertly exfoliates chapped lips in need of a little pampering! Simply rub a tiny amount across your parched lips to remove dry, dead skin cells, then tissue off. Lips that have been scrubbed with our fabulous Lip Sugar will take their favorite lipstick more beautifully, and the lipstick will last much longer than it would on dry, chapped lips. So, for a perfectly smooth, luxurious pout, love your lips with this scrub!

I'm very liked this sugar lip
especially with vanilla scent
makes me want to lick it
lips also become soft when I use this sugar lip>, <
unfortunately this sugar lip very small size

I really like and are satisfied with the products that are on the march STARBOX
although there are some that do not fit in my heart
I liked the product so is eyeshadow and lipstick
for eyeshadow, I really like this eyeshadow because it is suitable for smooky eyes and cat eyes, the color black but not too black, like balance and not fall out and powdery, although it contains shimmer eyeshadow, but the result is matte.,, and i super love it ..
for the lipstick, though color can be said quite old, suitable for mature women
haha I really like the texture of this lipstick, not sticky, and quite long lasting when in use

and that made me love is, the price is very adorable ..
to pay $ 15 to get a full size makeup and save the expenditure of $ 25 XD

if interested in this box and subscribing starlook, you can visit their website ----> HERE and HERE for STARBOX

thank you for reading and

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