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Friday, 24 May 2013

I'm being 5 top Finalist in IBB MUC >,< /URESHII

I totally shock today >,<
because this is my first time join IBB MUC.
so i didn't hope too much..
last night, i don't know my stomach was pain, until i cried and cannot sleep
and that time is 3am something >,<
did you know, ghost is appear at 2am and 3am
and i can feel that
ya, that time i many times go back to kitchen to make warm water and of course going toilet
but, ya i know, it's heart burn ==
that pain make me cannot sleep, and  i saw my cousin laptop is on,,
and i saw, hahahahah ya normal boi boi . lol
then i take her laptop for online, because i cannot sleep, and do my activity ..
that is become silent reader in blog worlds XD
so i saw announcement who is to be 5 finalist in IBB MUC ,
and i saw my picture >,<
 i cannot believe it,i tough my eyes got problem, since who all pretty girls join it >,<
credit IBB Web.
all pretty girls is joining >,<
and my picture in the bottom, beside the pretty baby face mommy hahaha
i never think for to be a winner /are you sure ?? XD
i want ppl like me and help me >,<
if you see this photo in this link -------- > MUC IBB

please vote me ya >,< no #2
/ i feel like elections =='' lol
and thank you for reading and wish me luck >,< 
/amen ...

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