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Friday, 30 November 2012

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Thursday, 22 November 2012

~Review~ GEO xTRA Series WI-A24 or Geo Sakura Brown

I feel wanna holiday Dx
a lot of things i must to do
luck no homework or assignment 
if no.. i getting crazy now
and ..
thanks god, all my work at office is done :D
so today i can blogging again ><
about my new lens XD
/slapped new lens again
i don't know, why i cannot stop for buy circle lens ><
i don't want call myself is circle lens junkies ><
because i am poor..
not rich
this circle lens can steal my heart ......
almost few month i want buy this lens,
but always thinking buy or not
luck again the owner shop give me a lot of discount ><
sankyu ~~ <3

 Geo Xtra WI-A24 Brown Lens 15mm
The Geo Xtra Sakura is for those who do want to show their sparkling eyes to the world with a sporty and adventurous streak in them. These lenses are available in violet, blue, green, grey and pink colors. A width of 15mm is guaranteed to give a big eye effect and make you the center of attraction. So get a set of sparkling contact lenses and prepare to be a head turner.
Price is for ONE PAIR (2 Lenses)
Life Span : 1 Year Disposable
Power Available : 0.00 to -6.00
Diameter : 15 mm
Manufacturer : GEO Medical , South Korea
Price : $12

Tuesday, 13 November 2012

~Review~ Revlon ColorBurst™ Lipstick #008 Candy Pink

Hello Girl ><
how is your days..?
today is so hot days =3=
when i go out from my room ,, fell sun wanna kill me,
and sure i felt so sleepy like a bear XD
i don't know why, if hot day i always fell so sleepy =3=
/forget about that
today i wanna review my daily lipstick
That is
Revlon ColorBurst™ Lipstick #008 Candy Pink

Description :
- Instant burst of rich, true color with a featherlight feel.
- Elasticolor™ technology provider immediate color release and hugs lips with a burst of weightless color that feels like a second skin
- Available in 20 Gorgeous Shades, including 5  new Shades
- 3.7 grams

I bought this because actually i want buy Revlon colorbrust lip butter
and i seeking for nude color ><
like gyaru 
but the SA said i prefer Pink color because my lips is small
when i try the sample i like the Candy Pink color
because so soft ><

Rose Bon Bon..
How cute it is ><

The Ingredients is so... Wow

The Lipstick Looks

Remind me cotton candy color ..
have Revlon Mark in the lipstick..

Swatch times

On My Hands

The color on my hand is almost transparent or maybe because i snap use my phone
/bad quality camera
the color is looks so smooth right, n sheer

Swatch on My Lips

I have 3 Way for apply this Lipstick

Bare Lips

Sorry for fat lips =3=

Only with the Lipstick

With Lip Blam

With Lips Concealer

I like when apply the lipstick wit Lip Concealer
because will give me pink milk soft lips XD

- i love the color of lips. so smooth on my lips >.<
- i love the packing.. like elegant haha
- cheap
- easy to get in Revlon Counter ><

- not long lasting >< when i eat already gone the lipstick on my lips TT

Repurchase ...
Maybe yes  ><
i want but Revlon ColorBurst Lips Butter

oh ya..
don't forget join cominica giveaway ^^

If you wanna Join click the picture ^^
/i also want free circle lens >< slapped

thank you for visit my blog and reading it ><
my giveaway for my follower is coming soon XD
keep stay tune

bye ~~

Saturday, 10 November 2012

Yayyyyy ........... Finally I'm Part Of IBB

long time i didnt post anything ><
because i was busy with my school & work,,
today i wake up with full lazies.....
because i only work half day,,
i prefer not go to office -3-
so, i checked my e-mail ><
i have message from IBB Staf
and i have IBB LOGO
i'm so happy ><

finally i part of IBB member
so ....
thank you so much to IBB Staff ><

Arigato Gozaimasu m(_ _)m

Tuesday, 6 November 2012


Ada yang pernah belanja di
dimana barang yang di jual sangat murah dan import dan sellernya dari korea, jepang & cina
seperti biasa, di email ku selalu dapat newsletter nya
dan aku beli beberapa items dari Cina
seperti jam tangan dan teman ku juga order palette kosmetik ,
karena harganya diskon hampir 60%
aku beli 2 buah jam tangan di
sellernya memberikan free shipping & taking only 1 month
aku liat respondnya trust
dan banyak yang datang barangnya dengan selamat
dia memberikan harga murah dan FREE ONGKIR
siapa yang tidak suka belanja dengan harga murah dan free ongkir pula
pasti semuanya unjuk tangan
dan kita juga di berikan tracking no nya
biar kita tau proses barang kita
aku pesan barang di
dan sellernya itu bilang barangnya dikirim dari cina
i believe that seller
because, mereka dapat good respond dari pelanggan mereka
jadi aku pesan 2 buah jam tangan
dan mereka memberikan ku no trackingnya

pas ku tracking barangnya sudah sampai dari tanggal 19-09-2012

aku cek di

dan aku coba cek di

sebenarnya barangnya sudah di Indonesia
tapi 2 bulan belum sampai-sampai =,=
dan ternyata barangnya di tahan di beacukai
dan aku baca di kaskus
barangnya belum sampai 8 bulan
aku jadi kasian sama sellernya
entah kenapa sekarang POS Indonesia ngaco..
untuk apa barang kita di tahan-tahan begini
mereka kira itu bukan dari uang -s-
mentang mentang ongkirnya murah, terus ngak di utamakan ?
dulu aku punya masalah begini juga, tapi dengan POS Laju Malaysia
pas ada beauty blogger dari malaysia kirim aku barang
dan aku melaporkan ke email-nya di respond dengan sangat baik dan terperinci
kalau aku komplain ke Pos Indonesia
sampai sekarang ngak pernah di balas-balas
mungkin sampai lebaran monyet juga ngak bakalan dibalas -3-
kalau ada yang berbelanja di
dan barangnya belum sampai, itu di tahan di bea cukai 

Thursday, 1 November 2012

~Review~ Maybelline Clear Smooth Blush On #Fresh Rose

 Hy ladies ,,
welcome November ^0^/~
but i scare with December =3=
because movie 2012 /slapped
today i wanna post about my first ever blush on
i never/don't like put or apply blush on =3=
i don't know why ,,
but my cheek more like apple fuji
my cheek is chubby so i thinking if i apply blush on i will look like dako chan -3-
so, i always go out with pale face XD
after 30 minute my cheek will be red, because sun -3-
i cannot stand at sunny days for along time,
if not i K.O =3=
so, when  i going to Hypermart
Maybelline discount 35% every purchase ><
so i buy alot XD
/over shopping -3-
1 from Maybelline product i purchase is
Maybelline Clear Smooth Blush On #Fresh Rose

the packing is from plastic with color green tosca /i think
the cover is hard plastic and transparent ><
so will easy choose the the color XD
i choose Fresh Rose,
because i don't want the color is too pop on my cheek
i want natural XD
but if u don't like Fresh Color u can choose 
- Fresh Berry 
- Fresh Coral
- Fresh Apricot

first time i saw in market i tough it's not shimmery
when i back and see in sun light
it's shimmery
but not much 
still normal -3-

u see the color of blush on is so soft ><
not to bright and no shimmery when i apply it XD
but i prefer use duo fiber brush for have natural looks
if not will too pop..

gomen for bad quality picture and chubby cheek -3-
u see the blush is blend well with my skin tone :D

- Cheap (because i get discount XD)
- pigmented
- no powdery 
- easy to get

- no get puff or brush -3- / i see in philippines free puff in the packing -3-

repurchase ???
no, i wanna try other XD

thanks for reading