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Thursday, 31 October 2013

~Make Up Tutorial~ Simple Make Up For Halloween - Vampire Ulzzang

Has been so long time i didn't do another Make Up tutorial >,<
i'm so sorry because I too busy and make me lazy doing make up
and I want to say thank you so much for request and send me a email for asking me do another make up tutorial >3<

Halloween make up to be trend in Beauty Blogger or Beauty Guru on Youtube
ant their make up so cool and hard to follow aka. i'm so lazy hahah
so today I wan create a simple Halloween makeup tutorial :3
this inspired from chinesse site too :P

Sunday, 27 October 2013

~Sponsor Review~ Japan Softlens "Ageha Natural Brown"

I promise to diligently update my blog
but, I'm very busy lately
a lot I have to do
packing stuff and make my hands muscular
but thank god, i lost my weight

today I want to review one contact lens which I think is very comfortable when in use than other brands
that is

Ageha / Selection Models
NATURAL BROWN [minus] 16.0mm
Minus lens ~ -8.00 ± 0:00
When used 16.0mm diameter (DIA14.5mm)
BC 8.9
Contents: 1 Box contents 2 Pcs (1Set)
JAPAN models
Want eyes look bigger, but natural in the eyes.? Ageha Natural Brown suitable for the need to be different but no visible wear contact lens. With a faint soft lens periphery (not firm or thick), the contact lens is suitable for school, college, and offices. This comfortable soft lens manufactured using cast molding process, so worn from morning to night without eye drops were still comfortable. *
* For those who have sensitive eyes, as she felt somewhat dry eyes, immediately use eye drops.

Saturday, 12 October 2013

~Sponsor Review~ Pinkcoco Original From Taiwan - Strawberry Toffee (W01841)

hellow girls 
anyone miss me ?
i'm sorry for lack update my blog these month
because i always busy with my real life 
my holiday is weekend and that time i so tired >.<
i work at 7am - 5pm and continue school at 6.30pm - 11pm
my activity make me eat once per day
hahaha think it is a diet program 
today i want review the famous thing recently a lot of beauty blogger wore it :P
yappp .. if you scroll my post maybe you already knew it haha
that's "WIG"
besides cosplay wig, i also buy daily wigs from china
cheapo wigs on ebay, because shiny and made from synthetic i never used it again
because the wig is curly and I cannot use it anymore >,< / 
and i'm so happy when Hazelnutz Cawaii contact me and sponsor me a wig 

the packet arrive safely at my home 3 days after my birthday >,<
i love the packing :P . because i love hello kitty ,, i fell like get special present when my birthday

Thursday, 3 October 2013

Ariisa Feat. W2Beauty Winner

I want to say ..
i'm sorry for MIA
when september i seldom updating my blog Q.Q
i have some problem with my real life 
ya problem with my deeper heart
/i don't know if who i talking about will read it :P

and i want to say thank you so much for who join my giveaway >,<
sorry i'm so late to post it 
this is the winner ^o^v

congratz for the winner
i will message you and please reply it within 2x24 hours
thank you so much,,
and keep stay tune for another giveaway ^0^