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Sunday, 31 August 2014

~Sponsor Review~ V 10 Plus Water Based Peeling

Hello girls
this is my second post in this month ..*yayy image
i'm so sorry, because i always be piggy blogger image
because i have lot reason become a lazier .. LOL 
in this new post i will review my fav skin care product which i have try lately.. image
actually this product also become trending post, especially in IBB group and i always see lot of my fellow beauty blogger review this product..
and i wish you don't mind preview and read my review.. image

two weeks ago gladys from V 10 Plus contact me and explain about V 10 Plus product..
and i quite interesting, because V 10 Plus product it's very save for use. especially for who had sensitive skin ... image
i know about V 10 Plus product is about few year ago *i guess
i like reading about best skin care product for sensitive skin, 
yes, i am! image
i had sensitive skin and as do you know i quite afraid choose skin care product for my skin face
i hate when i read "Trial and Error!" image
that words kinda scary in my ears .. image
it's really great when you find best skin care for your skin..
how about if you try a skin care and that product make your skin become angry and of course you will get surprise from your skin ,, that is "PIMPLES" and also "BURNING SENSATION" 
YEAH! image
that is the best scary moment in entry my life!
And thank god, that scary moment it's never happened again in my life image
i always put a normal skincare which i always find in local store
and i always do exfoliate,, image
exfoliate is very important for me,,
beside clean my face from dirt of make up and dust
exfoliate also can help remove my dead skin image

i always do exfoliate at home and also i bought a local peeling cream from local store..
but sometimes, peeling cream hurt my skin..image
because peeling cream contain scrub and when i get pimple on my face during period
it's very hurt when do exfoliate ..
and this time i will review one best peeling product which i have try lately .. image

Description :
Water-based peels are best-selling products and winning awards in Europe serves to remove dead skin cells and brighten your skin instantly. Do not worry, this product is made with natural ingredients is rice and seaweed extract without chemicals. In fact, the product is listed in Singapore and Europe with reference number 1505566 CPNP. This product has also been used by personal, dermatologist, even to artists in foreign countries.
Directions: Pump an appropriate amount and leave it on cleansed & dry skin for 5 seconds. Then massage gently with your finger tips in circular motion. Dead skin cells in the form of tiny flakes will appear shortly. Rinse off the flakes thoroughly with water

Sunday, 10 August 2014

~Sponsor Review~ G&G Barbie Nudy Pink Contact Lens

Hello girls, finally i can open my blog again image
i think someone want hack my blog, with give lot of spam comment on my blog image
i don't know what they want to do with my blog image
but if you still spam me, i keep no reconize your message image
*it's like you nothing to do and who are you ?

actually, lot of drafts at my blog haven't i share 
and in this cloudy sunday *here is rainy image
i will post about my circle lens i have try in few weeks
thank you so much "MapleLens" so kindly send me 1 pair circle lens and cute animal lens case with lovely cute box 

 Diameter : 14.5mm 
 Water Content : 38% 
 Base Curve : 8.6mm 
 Life Span : 1 Year Disposal