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Thursday, 16 May 2013

~IBB Makeup Challenge~ Dull to Doll

yuhoooo ~ ~ ~ ~
The first time i join IBB makeup challenge
actually had long wanted to join previous challenge
but I do not have time
aka delayed
when I know the makeup challenge this month on Dull to Doll, I decided to join this challenge
because I love dolly makeup
although my face does not like dolls and you can say fail

can you see barbie picture before and after makeup
its looked different
i love barbie make up
put pink eyeshadow and purple
because when i start learn make up i always do this looks
so i decide for join this challenge
and may enter the top 5 will be hard >, <
because my supporters little / give up without a fight hahaha
I'm actually very lazy to give my photo before makeup, because .... You can see self
in this challenge will be two winners get a mystery gift from Estee Lauder
I'm very curious about the prize> <
okay okay
Further to main topic

I was very embarrassed to see before and after pictures of me itself
my face looks so terrible
/ I hope my boyfriend do not look at this post .. amen
last night my boyfriend told me, why do I always snap pict with a very sad expression
I said, its a doll pose
he said baka pose ==
look at the picture before my face all pale, eye bags, and a little dull
nose also acne scars
and after photo.. I accept criticism ==

and this is a closer eye makeup look
still very messy
I use the color pink and deep purple
and then my eyeliner marker color is not black anymore
I had to apply it a few times a the color become dark black

i give filter on my photo, because i love filter hehehe
and braid it.. inspired by tsubasa masuwaka hair do >,<
product i use:
~ Wonder Pore Fresher
~ Etude House Pore Primer
~ Olay Whitening Cream
~ Etude House Baby Choux Base Make Up
~ Missha BB Cream
~ Fairy Drop Loose Powder
~ Etude House Aloha Bronzer
~ Etude House Proof Eye Primer
~ Silky Girl Pastel Eyeshadow
~ Coastal Scents 88 Original
~ Maybelline Liquid eyeliner
~ China Fake Lashes
~ Dolly wink glue
~ Maybelline white eyeliner
~ Maybelline Cat eyes mascara
~ Fairy Drop Mascara
~ Maybelline Baby Lips 
~ Etude House Lip Concealer
~ Y.E.T! Milk tint
~ Revlon Lipstick
~ Tony Moly Princess Lip gloss

thank you for reading ..
dont judge me when u see my picture
like a magic, make up can make all girl to be different
and wish me luck ya ><

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