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Friday, 31 August 2012

Join Xiao Vee Giveaway

lets join xiao vee 2nd giveaway
very lovelly giveaway
but, this giveaway only for indonesia residence
so, sorry for international reader

Thursday, 30 August 2012

Zatura Shop Party Diskon

hy gurl,,
siapa disini pengemar kosmetik korea XD
pasti banyak kan suka mengkoleksi kosmetik korea 
seperti aku XD
aku biasanya, bisa menghabiskan uang hampir 1 juta untuk beli kosmetik 
setiap bulannya =3=
bisa dibilang aku boros DX
tidak bisa menahan diri untuk beli kosmetik yang imut-imut packingnya dari korea =3=
dimana setiap bulannya selalu update dengan product baru
membuatku pengen puasa internet DX
tapi karena aku pengen liburan, antara pulang kampung, malaysia, thailand, atau hongkong
mulai sekarang harus nabung DX~~~~~~~
ngak boleh belanja lagi,
tapi ini karena mupeng (muka pengen) liat barang etude 
dan membuatku berkata 
"pengen tak makan ini komputer"
hehe -o-
di tengah kegalauan /plak
ketemu promosi dari Zatura Shop 

 Zatura Shop adalah Online Shop yang terpecaya
dimana Zatura Shop menjual product Korea & USA 100% ORIGINAL

promosinya adalah diskon 10% semua product kosmetik korea
bukan cuma ETUDE tapi SEMUA XD
seperti :

*berharap product lioele juja XDb

dan promo diskon ini cuma sampe tanggal 5 September
lumayan lo diskon 10%
misalnya belanja 500rb, diskon nya jd 50rb XD
bisa jadi ganjelan dompet uang 50rbnya
dan kalau melakukan sistem PO
menurutku lumayan lah, karena musti DP 50%
dan dilunasi ketika barangnya datang 
jadi bisa menabung untuk bayar pelunasanya
hehehe XD
harga product-product di Zatura Shop 
termasuk sangat murah ><
beda dengan counter resmi yang tersebar di mall
apalagi di tambah diskon 
jadi tambah murah
kesempatan diskon 10% cuma sekali lo
dan jarang terjadi /plak xD
ayo belanja ke Zatura Shop
Facebook : Zatura Shop
Website Khusus Barang Ready : Zatura Shop
Website Khusus PO : Zatura Shop
Twitter : @zaturashop
Hp : 08-9999-02019
Email : 

Tuesday, 28 August 2012

New eyelid on my right eyes →_→

I got new eyelid
when i see on mirror
I lil abit shock
How come this eyelid appear Σ( ° △ °|||)︴

Friday, 24 August 2012

~Review~ Maybelline Ma ner WH-1 aka. White

Hy dearsss ><
finally i can post something about my new babiess XD
today i want review about my new eyeliner pencil
~Maybelline Master Liner WH-1 Aka. White~
i love apply white eyeshadow in my waterline
but TT
make my eyes irritated, the powder of eyeshadow sometime come insert to my eyes TT
so make my eyes feel so itchy and red ><
sad TT
so, i research eyeliner pencil
but when i research korea product a lot of shimmery white eyeliner pencil & i wanted matte eyeliner pencil ><
and when i going to mall
i straight go to beauty counter
i see got white eyeliner pencil, brand beauuuuty ~0~ i forgotttt
the sales said the price is $9
what the ?????? ~,~
so the sales said again maybelline have new product only $3
so i thinking, in hypermart maybelline product discount 30%
and i straight go to hypermart, and i found it only $1,8 XD
buttt, when i want pay, in all cashier full a lot of people, like train DX
buy 1 item need queue so long =3=
i feel cannot stand again Dx
got aunty shopping until 2 shopping cart,
oh god =3=!!
so this is the eyeliner

from website :
Bolder. Smoother. Unlike any other. Now, experience the power of cream with a top-to-bottom glide.
Experience the new generation of liner:
 - Oil-free cream formula holds the higest concentration of pigments for more intense eye drama.
 - Smudgeproof and waterproof for 16 hours.
 - Most intense line for lasting drama.
 - Safe for sensitive eyes and opthamologist tested.
 - Contact lens safe.

Thursday, 23 August 2012

B'day Presents for my boyfie & plan for giveaway

▔□▔)/▔□▔)/▔□▔)/ hy readers
My life still far away from free wifi  T T
Because i on holiday o>_<o~
But tmr i will review review n review again xDb
And my camera is back xDb
But my bro forget bring the charger T T
Sad π_π
My lovely boyfie is birthday date 31 august o>_<o~
Our bday different 2 weeks,,
My bday is 13 sept o>_<o~
I already prepare special presents from him xDb
But T T
he stay at malaysia o>_<o~
More sad
We already 2 years together o>_<o~
But never celebrate our bday together ︶︿︶
But i love him so muchie ::>_<::
And i wan kick him ::>_<::
But T T
Next year he will go study to UK
More far again o>_<o~
But he promise me, would buy bubbi brush full sets xDb
Since i know bubbi stay at London (≧▽≦)/~┴
And about giveaway.,
I still confuse ,,
I want do international giveaway o>_<o~
4 celebrate our bday
So keep stay tune o>_<o~

Sunday, 19 August 2012

Random things about me,,, & EOTD

holiday holiday & holiday
Σ( ° △ °|||)︴
Make me so boring at home,,
Play with my handphone and watch anime -_-||
I got modem ,, but i havent reload the credit sim card
Soooooo boring
But this line also so lame (~_~メ)
I prefer internet - ing with my handphone xDb
I wasting my time with eat, online, sleep xD
Because longgg time already i didnt oversleep o(^^o)
I always sleep so late,, because i whatsapp-ing with my lovely boyfie o>_<o~
But T T
tmr morning i must working,, so make my panda eyes appear π_π
so because now im in holiday,, i must sleep sleep sleep 0^◇^0)/
Hahaha →_→
But today i must wake up so early
Because my mom asking me cleaning home →_→
My bed room is like broke ship, i didnt clean it ▔□▔)/▔□▔)/▔□▔)/
So when she asking me for cleaning my bed room, i go to my bed room and sleep,,
Hohoho (≧▽≦)/~┴┴
But not only sleep.
I also make up-ing xD
Only do simple eyes make up
Korea looks xDb

Tuesday, 14 August 2012

~ My August Haul & Lovely Freebies~

hy gurlss
today i want show you my haul in this month ><
damn wasting my money
i almost bankrap TT
i'm so happy also XD
because i get what i want
a lot of discount ><
if i see discount, i feel like,,
i must get that XD

so,, this is my haul 

- Coastal Scents 88 Original Palette
( i wanted this palette so long time ago ><, but a lot of store sell Fake & Unbrand Palette TT & CS site do 50% sale XD, straight buy ><)

( This is Indonesia Hadalabo Version, so cheap & luckly i get 20% discount XD)

- Renu Multiplus 
( i few days have some trouble on my eyes ><, my eyes never feel comfort when i wear any circle lens, so a lot of people recommend me this lens water >< )

- Rohto C3 Cube
( i never use tear drop if my eyes itchy when i wear circle lens TT, so i bought this )

- Maybelline Make Up Remover Eye & Lip
( my favorite remover ever ><)

- Maybelline Master Liner Wh-1/White
( i wanted wanted white eyeliner pencil, so i found this product discount 35% *o*v)

- Maybelline Clear Smooth Shine Free Blush #Fresh Rose
( as you know, i never apply blush every i make up XDb )

- Etude Drawing Brow AD Refile #Brown
( buy just for fun =0=/ /slappppp )

- Tony Moly Lip Tint #Cherry
( this is famous lip tint >< i order almost 2 times and always sold out >< )

- Skin Foods Goldkiwi Toner & Fresh Apple Sparkling Pore Cream
( free sample when i purchase Etude Drawing Brow & Tony Moly Lip Tint )

- Princess Universe Mars aka Red Circle Lens
( wahahha circle lens again -3-, i buy this because anime Jigoku Shoujo Dx,, waawawa Ai >< )

- Geo X-tra WIA24 aka Geo Sakura Brown
( >< i don't have brown lens, so i choose this lens ><, this lens is very popular, because had soft tone

- Cute Lens Case ><


this is parcel from sweet gals Momoy 
sankyu dear ><
love it :*

this is from my friends of mine ^^
she bought this for me ><
because she know i addict with fake eyelashes XD

so this is my haul and freebie ><
i will review it ASAP ^^
see you in next post

Monday, 13 August 2012

~Sponsor Review~ Softlens EXOTICON ICE No1

hy gurlss,
i come with another review XD
this lens sponsor from Clarice Softlens ^^
as u know i never buy local contact lens ><
my 1st lens is not optical lens, 
i bought @online shop
and learn insert it myself TT
the reason i didn't buy local lens is
i cannot buy 1 pair lens with different degree
alot of my friends said, their eyes fell so hot and not comfortable
the color so bright (i love lens with natural/dolly effect ><)
so when she ask me for review local product
of course i accept it ><
because i wanna try local product ^^
so she so kindly send me this contact lens

The color
- Blue
- Brown
- Violet (Mine)
- Green
- Grey
- Blue Sky (New Color)

2 Tones Disposable Soft Cosmetic Lens
6 Months Supllies
Water Content : 42%
58% Polyhema
Base Curve : 8.60mm
Diameter : 14.5mm

Monday, 6 August 2012

~Review~ Hadalabo Shirojyun Series & Gokujyun Lotion

Hy all
today i want review my new skin care
"Hada Labo Shirojyun & Gokujyun Lotion"
as you know hadalabo is famous skincare & lil abit pricey if u didn't bought them @japan
at japan also lil abit pricey =3=
i choose Shirojyun because my cheek alot of dark spot DX
so i wish if i bought packet like Franky wu
my skin maybe will more bright
he make me always want buy this,,
If gokujyu lotion, because i had oily skin (i think my oil more than 10 ltr =3=)
so i choose this lotion,, ><
i love this lotion XD
actually i want buy shirojyu lotion also
but haven available in store
 i become "mupeng" >,<
when see it at store
somemore i just bring $10
at least i use my debit card for buy hadalabo ><
luckly just promotion, and i have very lower price XD
love u guardian
all item only $19 XD

Friday, 3 August 2012

~ The Beauty Luxury Contest~

today i join another contest or give away again ^^
this giveaway from the beauty luxury 
she send me a email for join her giveaway
and i so interest,
maybe if u didn't understand spain language
you can use google translate in her side bar ^^
the prize is


Flexibility is important in life. It's called compromise. But as for hair and style, is called protein. 
 This liquid styling gel provides fortifying proteins within a formula not containing resins. Protein provides volume and movement to fine hair, defines curls and creates wet looks with a glossy finish. True flexibility in style. 
- Penetrates the hair by adding strength and fixation 
- Get a shiny wet look finish 
- Defines curls with flexibility and shape 
- Ranges from a factor of setting light to strong hold like a rock 
Ingredients:  Amino silk proteins of wheat 
Results:  Gives strength Adds texture and shine 
 In this era of concern for our environment, we all try to do something meaningful in terms of renewal. 
This lightweight liquid serum, soothes the cuticle and renews the youthful appearance of hair. Contains a base of anti-aging vitamins combat free radicals and protects the hair from the assaults. It can be used in wet or dry hair to strengthen, moisturize and provide a rejuvenating glow. It also helps repair split ends. If we use this technology to help heal our environment, we would instantly. Perhaps in the near future. 
- Protects the hair cuticle restoring a more youthful 
- Strengthens, moisturizes and adds a light rejuvenating 
- Brings vitality and a glossy finish 
- Fights free radicals to neutralize and eliminate damage to the hair 
Ingredients:  Vitamins A, C and E Vitamin B complex Silicones 
Results:  Fights free radicals strengthens and moisturizes brings light
So if you interest you can go to her blog
wish me luck ^^
and good luck to you also girls 

Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Dolly Wink New Packing & New Product

"dolly wink"
who didnt know this product XD
this product is create from Queen of Gyaru
Tsubasa Masukawa
love she so much
because i so boring
so i go to Koji Honpo
so i found something new ><
that is 
new product and new packing
in otona series
otona series difft with before series 
otona more like to mature
if before is more like ermmm
teenagers and cute XD
i think =3= /slap

so this the look XD

dolly wink falshie
as u know dolly wink falshie always come with 2 pair
now got 3 pair ><
but, only best seller falshie got 3 pair
not all falshie TT

brown mascara
very cute packing rite ><
got long & volume
same as dolly wink black mascara ><

the liquid eyeliner replace with old packing
this more cute ><
got brown eyeliner also
as i know, a lot request brown eyeliner for dolly wink product
cute, cute & cute ><

i wan buy this ><
so cute
the cover like flower ><
<3 otona series

make me wanna buy all ><
but so expen TT
i prefer go to japan for buy ><

~Giveaway Giveaway & Giveaway ^^~

win naked pallete ><
i hope i would win
amen ><


join hiiyooitscat giveaway
<3 the falshie

congratz to her ><

naked >< <3