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Monday, 17 October 2016

~Random Post~ My Birthday Haul

Last month are my birthday, so lot wish list i made and i hope it will become true soon image
of course i bought my wishlist with lot dilemma image
should i bought this ? image
this is so cute i wanted this ? image
no no later i don have money image
i become too greedy with myself now days, because i have a plan with my friends next year image
so.. this is my birthday haul image

Saturday, 20 August 2016

~Sponsored Review~ Exoticon Ice No.8 Black

setelah lama vakum dari dunia per blogging an, bukan berarti aku lupa sama blogging world, padahal aku sering banget jadi silent reader 
kadang aku ingin sekali nge post sesuatu, but sometimes penyakit malas itu lebih kuat dari yang aku kira image
padahal banyak banget loh draft yang aku siap kan,
and this post will promise will always update my blog ASAP (last promise) image
ngomong2 masalah postingan kali ini, sudah lama banget aku tidak mereview salah satu must items ku saat bermake up, yaitu softlens image
seperti dipost2 sebelumnya, aku selalu bilang kalau aku suka banget koleksi softlens dari merk korea sampai merk lokal image
aku lebih prefer ke softlens, soalnya kalau menggunakan kaca mata malah membuat minus mata ku  bertambah, trust me deh! semenjak aku pake softlens minus ku ngak pernah nambah, malah teman2 ku yang pengguna kaca mata sering nambah minusnya  image
dan juga karena aku orangnya terlalu aktif, aku sering sekali memecahkan kacamata ku padahal aku cuma locat2 saat itu 
so, softlens itu my must items banget apalagi dengan softlens bisa membuat make up mata kita lebih hidup image

kali ini aku mau review salah satu softlens yang sering ku gunakan sehari-hari
soalnya softlens ini nyaman banget dimata dan membuat mata ku terlihat lebih besar  image

 Exoticon Ice N.8 Black 
 Made in Korea 
 Manufactured by Exoticon 
 B.C 8.6 
 Diameter: 16.00mm 
 Water: 42% 
 Color: Black, Grey, Blue, Pink, Brown & Green 

Tuesday, 15 March 2016


i'm so excited when MISSHA release new items featuring LINE FRIENDS image
i really love using LINE for chatting, call and video call with my friends and my BF
especially LINE Character cony, image
i really love her personality, she really look alike me 
after Missha collaboration with Line, very hard to buy Missha x Line product because always sold out and almost OOS image
now, i am still waiting my Missha BB Cushion come to my hand image

so, now lets check out new items from Missha x Line image

Saturday, 12 March 2016

~Random Post~ My February Haul on Shopee

Welcome Marchhhh /too late 
finally I can blog again after I didn't have the free time after I started working, image
i wish i still have a time for blogging, because i am still trainee on my office and lots things i need to do image
in this post i will gonna show you my haul on shopee image
why shopee ? image
they offering free shipping throughout Indonesia with JNE and maximum shipping cost is IDR.80.000 such a big deal because shipping cost to my city very expensive image
because of that i can't stop looking shopee because not only free shipping, shopee always offering discount almost 90% every day and coupon discount too image
yay yay yay .. please take my monehhhhh image
so this is my February haul on Shoppe image

Sunday, 17 January 2016

~Review~ A'pieu Air-Fit Cushion Doraemon Edition #13

helloo hellooo beauties image
happy belated new year all image
in this year I am promised I will often update my blog
actually, I quite free for blogging, but I must recharge my mood for making a post on my blog image
after graduate from my college, I am busy making a journal of my thesis and find my lecture for sign my thesis image
and now people at home force me looking a job, but that is not easy as they thinking because my certificate hasn't released yet 
finally, I have a time for review this BB Cushion
actually, this is my second BB Cushion, but I am not satisfied with my 1st cushion because quick dry so I didn't review it image
I remember using that cushion just 8-10 times and since that, I am not interest buy any BB cushion except get promotion or free refill image

 Wrinkle repair, whitening and UV protection 
 Lightweight texture and moisturized skin with 32% Mineral Water 
 Rolling Gel System and Sliding Powder offers a more even application without clumpiness 
 Combination of Air-Light Powder and Airy Cover Powder offers buildable coverage that still feels soft and silky on the skin 
 Contains Aloe Vera, Tea Tree and patented ingredient Avocado peptide that provides moisture, soothing and anti-ageing benefits to the skin