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Wednesday, 22 May 2013

~D-I-Y~ How I Fix My Broke Blush ??

holaa . i'm back again >,<
i lil busy few weeks
because i have something to do
only few people know where i am now, xP
this is my 1st post about D-I-Y
because i always posting about Review, review and review
beside that is make up tutorial
tonight i want show you how i fix my broke blush??
for me blush is not too important,,
why ?
because my cheek already red without blush
especially since I live in the city where the weather is fairly hot (smd)
because of that, i seldom go every where every there (except night)
i fast dehydration also, so i must bring mineral water every day
if i spend my time at home, i always hide at my dark bed room, without sunlight
only my note book light
especially now is summer
sun will killing me >,<
skip the another story ,,,
this blush i have from
because i won her giveaway >,<
but this blush is broken was shipping TT
and i already fix this blush few month ago,
and 1 month ago my lovely fren went to my home, ==""
she only try my make up stuff and i only saw her
then she say, "this blush ever you fix right ?"
i said "yes, but don't make that blush fall, because the blush fast broken"
i just say that, she make my blush hit the floor ==
i saw a lot of dust of blush on my floor,
she say don worry ==
when i open the box few week ago
=='' *poker face
you can see how blurr my blush, after kiss floor
last my haul post, have 1 people request me make a tutorial how i fix my blush
it's so simple ..
u can follow the step on picture bellow :D

it's very simple right >,<
i hope you enjoy with my post..
see you next post xoxo ..

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