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Monday, 16 July 2012

~TUTORIAL~ Hatsune Miku Make Up

So long already I didn’t update my blog
I recently busy with my work ==
Because new boss is coming
Today I want do Make up tutorial “ Hatsune Miku”
She is famous vocaloid singer,
I think you know about my haul,
I bought Miku wig ><
So just now I wear my wigs and do cosplay,
Hatsune miku is cute anddddddd sweet ,,
I love her looks, bigger eyes and lovelly
  ( i wish my eyes like this --")

 my pict i taken be4 i do this tutorial
my eyes so sleepy =0=
and lil abit red ><

ps : sorry for ugly pict =,= and chubby face

the final lookkss
(soryy bad pict =,=)

in fact i'm not cosplayer 
this only for fun
i love anime
because im otaku XD
 (old story)
i buy the wigs also for collection ><
because i found cheap 1 at ebay ><
because at here the wig so expensive =.=

soooo, thx 4 reading ^0^


  1. Replies
    1. ><
      tadi error jaringannya..
      jdi lambat,,
      makanya kecil ><
      thx 4 visit ^^

  2. aku ga punya wig biruu huahaha, dan mataku monolid jadi eyeshadownya pasti ga keliatan T.T
    btw I give you an award, check this

  3. Cool!:3 I just found your blog, I'll follow u!^^ <3