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Sunday, 8 July 2012

Hot day!!! Σ( ° △ °|||)︴

Its really weird weather
Or i who is weird →_→
The weather at here very weird,,
Feel, got 3 sun wit happy face in the sky Dx
I moving to here, my hand got sun burn T T
Like spots dark,, like 1 actress skin,
My hand if i zoom like leopard π_π
I think i need 80 spf body lotion T T
but i wonder if i c girl at here,,
Hot days wit full make up,
Wat them didnt feel hot??? ←_←
But make me lil abit funy is,,,
Their make up is ganguro or gyaru,,
But no balance, skin face white,,
Neck to toe is darker o(╯□╰)o
If i c them, make me more hot Dx
Im not said their make up is bad,,
If tropical country, more comfort is natural make up •﹏•
If 4 season country, maybe is cn,, but heyyy!!!!!!!
When i stay in US, the girls always go shopping wit casual style, no make up,,
But they are so pretty and tall,
And skin so white ≧﹏≦
But, at here ←_←
i feel, if i going to mall, or shopping.
I see they wear clothes like want go to party Σ( ° △ °|||)︴
Full with make up ︶︿︶
I need waterr Orz
Im not said bad,, i just want share my opinion,,
U cn make up, but must see ur condition 1st,
Make up, cnt make u always pretty, smetime cn make u ugly or like clown o>_<o~
U must learn, when u cn make up like a pro ←_←
Or when u cn do natural make up,, *^O^*


  1. Setujuuuu xD
    Di indo memang panas bgt, aku aja ga betah kalo ga nyala AC x_x
    Setuju jg soal make up (y)
    Kalo ke mall aku cuma pake t-shirt+jeans (kcuali mau foto2 :p) smpe dikatain teman² (╥_╥)

    1. kalu aku,,
      ac plus fan dikamar ><
      apalg kalu cuacanya panas banget.
      tutup jendela sudah,,
      ngak mau keluar kamar lagi
      tapi sepanas panasnya indo.
      lebih panas sg ma kl ><
      kmu manknya dikatain ap