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Monday, 30 July 2012

~Review~ Mentholatum ACNES Nose Pore Strip

im back with my another review ><
i will review about
"Acnes Nose Pore Strips"
i had big problem with whitehead on my nose =3=
so annoying ><
make my nose like strawberry nose
i damn hate my nose full with blackhead & whitehead
i always pinch my nose until red 
and alot whitehead come  out ><
always use biore pore pack,
because i have some problem with pimples
*pimples on my nose =3=
so i choose Acnes Product

Mentholatum ACNES Nose Pore Strip completely removes blackheads and acnes by the perfectly designed strip. Contains tea tree oil to nourish acne-prone skin. Use it 1-2 times a week (After an interval of 3 days or more for each application) 
suitable for
combination skin / oily and acne skin 
 with tea tree oil + witch hazel extract
how to use it
1. Completely dry hands and gently tear the attached transparency
2. After cleansing, wet nose and dry hands. Put the strip on nose
3. Wait for 10-15 minutes, and then tear off the strip.
4. If you feel pain when tearing, spray water on nose, and then gradually tear off.   
 actually alot of whitehead when i tear off the strips ><
because i had bad quality camera fon
*only 5MP -3-
and the strips is white, so didnt much appear

* cheap XD~
* working well ><
* easy to find in market
* i had no problem on my nose now ><

* i dont like the fragrance ><
* leave like glue on my nose after i tear the strips =3=

repurchase :
no XD
i want try etude =3=

thx 4 reading ><
bye ~ 


  1. kalo sama biore okean mana?

    1. lbh okean ini sih menurut q
      soalnya kalu biore, my whitehead yg kecil ngk nempel di strip x
      kalu ini nempel,

  2. aku kalo pake biore ga mempan sama sekali cuma kecabut beberapa doang, bingung loh kenapa T_T
    jadi pengen coba deh yang ini
    di Carefour ada ga ya?

    1. dipeeling aj idungnya XD
      biar kotoranya ilang ><
      kalu ak mayan mempan
      warnanya putih ><
      jd ngak keliatan jelas
      padahal ada banyak lo
      ada kok
      aku belinya di market dekat rumah q aj ada
      apalgi market sekelas carefour ^^

  3. halo salam kenal :)
    wah aku udah males nyoba nose patch gara2 pake biore tp ga mempan.. tapi liat ini jadi pengen nyoba :)

    byw folbek aku klo ga keberatan ya..

    1. aku make biore jg ><
      tpi nempelnya ngak bgt banyak

      thx ><
      follow u back ya ^^

  4. wahh... new blog.
    envy u. u can create cute blog
    love it

    FYI, i had post the parcel today
    inform me when u receive yea ^^

    1. more cute your blog than mine ><
      sankyu ya dear ^0^

  5. Hey which is better? Biore or Acnes Pore Strip? I'm planning to buy but idk which is better?