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Wednesday, 18 July 2012

~Review~ The Skin Food Mushroom Multi Care Bb Cream SPF 20/+

hy gurlzz
today i want review BB cream from
The Skin Food : Mushroom Multi Care Bb Cream SPF 20/+
*credit : The Skin Food

Description :
This triple-function BB cream provides UV protection and deep moisturization to skin with aloe and mushroom extracts, while arbutin and adenosine make skin clear and resilient. 

Capacity :
50 g

Shade :
#1 Radiant Skin
#2 Natural Skin

Price :
around $13 @Rie Butik

this is free sample from Rie Butik
because i purchase BB Cream Missha
the shade is #2 Natural Skin

the real cream tone is so yellow ><
like melted cheese
i lil abit scare
scare no suit with my skin tone ><
and so liquid ,,
but i wrong again =3=
when i apply in my skin
my skin sooo matte
my skin to be white ><
and easy to blend ^0^

 u can see my big pore and redness b4 i use this BB Cream
i like matte looks
bcz my skin is oily T3T

* give me matte finish 
* the smell quite nice,, but, i dont know what fragrance is that =3=
*easy to apply
* spf quite nice ><

*my nose is so oily, only 2-3 hours be greasy ><

Repurchased :
No ^^, i want try another BB Cream


  1. I've tried this bb cream and it broke me out T_T
    by the way, your blog really pretty ^^
    love it <3

    1. o>__<o~

      I love ur blog too,
      More cute than mine ≧﹏≦

    2. No lah, your blog more kawaiii >.<
      already follow your blog ^^
      sorry kinda late cause have some problem with internet lately (=_=)

    3. Nope dear o(^^o)
      Thx 4 follow me

  2. yay for free samples and great review!
    it's good that it's easy to blend and that it's matte!
    ahh i feel you about the oily skin! at work, i sit RIGHT under the air conditioner (not that i'm complaining, haaha) but it dries out my skin which causes me to have an oily face all the time at work T_T i have to constantly blot or powder it. SIGH T_T

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    alex @

    1. thx ><
      i think my skin is combination
      my nose is sooooo oily,,
      my cheek is,,
      sometime oily, =3=''
      i prefer BB cream missha ><

      cute giveaway