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Wednesday, 25 July 2012

~ Story About My Make Up & Who Inspired Me ~

hy girls ><
because i lil abit lazy for edit my picu
*i already snap alot of picu for i review =3=
maybe lil abit boring ><
but this my story for get my flawless skin
when i was 17y.o XD
i so lazy take care my skin
until my mom scold me =3=
my cheek got scar alottttt
because of pimple 
bigpore, black spot and redness
far from flawless skin
1 make me wake up for learn make up,
"Malaysia Girls"
*she just 15yo =3=
i see on Facebook
gals at there still 13yo
already learn make up
sugee *0* *so inspired
but not that make me want learn make up,
1 reason is, make my eye looks bigger ><
my eyes too small ><
so 1st actually i want learn how to insert circle lens ><
but always fail
so i go to skin care
because that time i just student
i bought skin care which friendship with my pocket 
*sometime borrow my mom make up stuff XD
so i use this product
*google search
i always use that product ><
but ya,, working well for my skin
then i change again with
*google search
this powder working well for make skin looks better
and my mum make poison for me ><
because my cream is empty al;ready
i see my mom use this cream
*google search
i steal her cream XD /bad gals
i use for few month and i had nice results ><
my pore become small
and scar and black spot is gone
but i stop use that because poison from commercial in TV
maybelline BB Cream
i want this bb cream so badly when i see the commercial XD
so this is my 1st BB cream XD
*just student so cannot buy expensive things
the results quite nice ><
u can see results my weird skin care XD
because i just begginer
alot of people jealous with mu skin right now
alot ppl said my skin so flawless /slapp
when i meet my mom frens she proud my skin
i said before my skin not like this XD
my mom also said, last time her skin like "grater"
how cruel she is =3=

now is about how insert my circle lens for 1st time >,<
my eyes too small
but already dare buy circle lens 16mm in 1st time use
when i receive it i always fail for insert the circle lens XD
until i keep until 6 month in softlase case ><
so i searching youtube 
and i found this video
very thank full to she ><
because her video i can insert my lens
looks much different right ><

who is my favorite make up guru until inspired me is
She is famous blogger and make up guru
her make up so simple and the results alot make ppl shock XD
i always waiting her tutorial make up ><
actually she before make up looks great =3=

when i just learn make up,
i always dl her video in youtube XD
i love her style,
her skin
and her cousin "Leo" he is so handsommeeeee >0<"
she also so funny ><
i love her vlogz
and her puppy XD
she sooooo cute at all
and she have online shop
and wanted for bougth her make up brush
i want this so badly, but i dont know how to buy ><
because i dont have credit card
lets dream ><

who didnt know michelle phan ><
she is so gorgeous
i love her make up ><
which she to be Lady Gaga XD
she soo cute ><
she is ambassador product Lancome Paris ><
i want ,,
but expensive =3=

so this is my lil story about my make up journey ><
maybe so boring XD
so,, see u next time in another post ><


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