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Tuesday, 17 July 2012

~REVIEW~ Etude Drawing Show Creamy Liner

Hy readers ><"
today i want review my new hubby
"Etude Drawing Show Creamy Liner"
so long name product for eyeliner =,=''
this is my 1st gel eyeliner XD
because i search eyeliner waterproof & smudgeproof
and i searching alot of review about gel eyeliner
and finnalllllyyyy
i choose Etude Drawing Show Creamy Liner,
this eyeliner change Etude Code B
Etude Code B eyeliner already DC
and i heard Etude Eyeliner sooo waterproof
and this the look

Features :
Etude House Drawing Show Cream Liner is a further brilliant creation to bring feelings and vivacity to the eyes.  It is a creamy formula to give a clear-cut line, similar to the precision of a liquid liner but with a smooth finish.

(Mine is BK802)

  • BK801 - Black Quick One Shot (Quick Dry)
  • BK802 - Black Double-Shot
  • BK803 - Gray Double-Shot
  • BR401 - Brown Double-Shot
Net Weight - All three variants namely BK802, BK803 and BR401 come in 4grams except for BK801 which comes in 3.5grams.

the price
8 dollar ^^

~ The Packing~

Come with cute packing and pink ><
love it <3
feel like princess packing,
i love Etude Quotes
"Wanna Be Sweet? Play Etude!"
about the packing
Etude never make disappointed
all the product always come with kawaii packing

~The Eyeliner~

 First impression when i see the eyeliner
wow so creamy,,
and black,,
actually i lil bit scare for apply this eyeliner in my eyes
i scare will mess ><
because i got oily eyelid 'o'
but i'm wrong ><
the eyeliner sooo smootchiiiiiiii
easy to apply in my eyelid XD
and giving smudge free finish
the tub come with hardly glass,
so no easy broke, although u throw it 
/slappp XD

~ The Brush~

 this is free brush from the eyeliner
the brush so handly 
and make smooth line when u use >,<
i love it
the brush also so smooth
and this brush so ideal for anyone who had just started putting on eyeliners
and hygienist because got cover ><


u can see, how waterproof the eyeliner
actually my hand become red, bcz i rub soooo hard -0-

~Swatch In My Eyes~

loveee the lookkks ><
feell my eye soo biggeerrr XD
and no smudge,,
i use when i cry,,
and no panda eyes ><

 * the packing,
* the price is cheap ><
* waterproof & smudgeproof
* easy to apply in my eye lid
* free brush XD

* hard to get in offline store >< except i PO in online shop

this is my review ><
thx for reading


  1. matanya bagus, hiks *iri sama org yg punya double eyelid*
    tapi hebat ya ga smudge biar nangis hihi boleh dicoba nih :p

    1. Ak lbh beharap ngk pux lipitan mata o>___<o~