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Friday, 5 April 2013

~Review~ Y.E.T ! [Yes ! Enjoy Time]Very Merry Tint #3 Pink Romance

hy lovely girl (‐^▽^‐)
finally I can post a new review again (///∇//)
actually a lot of stuff that I want to review
but ..
I somehow lazy writing (;´▽`A``
bad human habit that has no solution it is lazy 
and very difficult to eliminate these bad habits (x_x;)
okay okay ..
This evening I want to review products that may not be popular here ..(*v.v)。
it is.......... (ノ´▽`)ノ

Description :
"Lasting Vibrant Lip You Want ?"
Long-lasting luscious lips, Natural and beautiful balsaekryeok, spotless smooth spreadability favorite

Soft Chromogenic Smudges NO!
Clear Water Gel
Stain No!
Agglomeration Phenomend NO!
Natural Coloration

Natural Coloration Long-Lasting
Spreadability Favorite
Natural and appealing lips

Stickiness NO! Moisturizer YES!
Keep moist without stickiness
Discomfort is not
Lovely tint Gel Mary Berry
Capacity : 10gr 
Color : #1. Pearl Paradise, #2. Orange Flower, #3. Pink Romance, #4. Red Apple, #5 Cherry Blossom

actually I prefer not to use lipstick (  ゚ ▽ ゚ ;)
My lips are can be spelled healthy and natural pink lips (;^ω^A
because often watch Korean dramas
lips of the actors and actresses are very cute, most of them use a red lip tint
and there is also a natural pink lips, and it can get by using milk tint
and giving a neutral color on the lips
I chose milk tint of yet, because no one has a review and give it a try γ(▽´ )ツヾ( `▽)ゞ
it is rather difficult to find a product review yet! unless we search the reviews on
and it uses the Korean language
and not a lot I get info about the product yet in english

bottle of milky tint is made of plastic
and I think that makes milk tint is not easy fragile
cap of the bottle there is a sticker, I wish the cap on the printout than in the cover sticker, to avoid distribution of fake goods
I think milk tint brush is very short
even so, it is very easy to apply to lips
and very handy

I chose color pink romance,
the color tends to soft pink color
and the texture is not too thick and sticky
This tint and milk dry quickly when we apply ( ̄* ̄ )
so we had to quickly smooth using fingers
I really like this tint milk aroma
smells like candy
reminds me smell like candy "Sugus" ε=ε=ε= ヾ(*~▽~)ノ
if not wrong (//・_・//)

On My Lips 

Bare Lips

spread on my lips

smooth with fingers

Double Application

sorry for yaeba teeth >,<

Natural Lighting

With Flash

Rating :

 Overall :
This lip tint is my favorite
when using it, my lips did not feel heavy and sticky
when applying this milk tint , there is a cold sensation on the lips
plus with a sweet aroma,
lip tint is still on my lips for 4 hours
and no retouch, i also use it when eat, and still on my lips
the actual color is a bit brighter when to apply, and make my lips so fuller or puffy
yet these very rare product on sale
I always buy products directly from Korea yet, and takes 4 weeks
and sometimes up to 3 months and my new stuff coming
This includes brand new though, I really like this product

thank you for reading >,<
this time for i sleep
my eyes looked panda now TT
see you in next post bye~~

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