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Tuesday, 23 April 2013

~Review~ Etude House Proof 10 Eye Primer

The few days I was attacked by a strange diseaseimage
as usual I'm the type of person who should not be tired, but I'm very hobby traveling image
a few days ago, my laptop suddenly error, because the use of fake windows image
so i need to reinstall the windows again
make my wallet deflated instantly
and I ended the walk and climb the hill to go to the mall in my town
when arriving there, all the escalator is broken image
and like up the stairs, seemed to the mall for exercise
My feet pain and the next day I got the flu and cough
and tonight I was a little healthier image
I wanted to review one of the favorite make up stuff
it is image

Etude House Proof 10 Eye Primer:
Long lasting effect: It prevent from removing and creaseing eyeshadow and eyeliner.Better adhesion: It makes silky and sleek eyelids for better adhesion.Smooth texture: It makes perfect eyes without sticking or stiffing.

been a long time eye primer is included in my wishlist image
but just a few months ago I managed to buy it
for some reason, when I want to buy eye primer is always Out Of Stock image
but that moment I followed the PO in one online shop
and still run out of stock image
I've tried one of the local eye primer
but it is very difficult to use image
The eye primer whether there are or not, because the balm in the jar
so as to use it we have to dab it image
and many people claim etude proof is Dupe from UDPP
of the first I would like to buy UDPP but the price is very expensive image
and finally I decided to buy the Etude House Proof 10 Eye Primer

etude house bottles of this very unique
like a genie bottle or jug china
made of plastic and not easily fragile
brush is very long and very easy to apply
unfortunately if used in a long time, the writing on the bottle will disappear image
and make the bottle becomes unattractive

etude eye primer is its texture similar to cream
pale colored which is almost similar to the color of skin
has a very odd smell I think
like the smell of baked or what image
The primer eye when in use must be fast on smooth with a finger, because the eye primer is fast dry

I like using this primer eye
because it gives the eyeshadow colors are brighter than before
its use is very easy image
does not leave a sticky impression on my eyelids
honestly my eyelids are very oily including image
when using the eye primer, my eyeshadow last for 5 hours and my eyeliner was not easily fade because sweat
image Cheap 
image working well
image the brush easy to use
imagemake my eyeshadow more long lasting
image have unique bottle

imagei don't like the smell
image fast dry when we apply it

Rating :

thank you for reading my post, i know its getting dawn already ><
good morning ,,,,, image

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