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Monday, 13 August 2012

~Sponsor Review~ Softlens EXOTICON ICE No1

hy gurlss,
i come with another review XD
this lens sponsor from Clarice Softlens ^^
as u know i never buy local contact lens ><
my 1st lens is not optical lens, 
i bought @online shop
and learn insert it myself TT
the reason i didn't buy local lens is
i cannot buy 1 pair lens with different degree
alot of my friends said, their eyes fell so hot and not comfortable
the color so bright (i love lens with natural/dolly effect ><)
so when she ask me for review local product
of course i accept it ><
because i wanna try local product ^^
so she so kindly send me this contact lens

The color
- Blue
- Brown
- Violet (Mine)
- Green
- Grey
- Blue Sky (New Color)

2 Tones Disposable Soft Cosmetic Lens
6 Months Supllies
Water Content : 42%
58% Polyhema
Base Curve : 8.60mm
Diameter : 14.5mm

On My eyes ^^

With Flash

My opinion 
this lens so thick ><
fell so comfort on my eyes XD
fell like didnt wear lens
but sometime i fell so blurr
because, my right eyes degree is different 
the pattern is remember me like Chrysanthemum Flower ><
the color also so bright ><
so if you love lens with bright effect i recommend this lens for you ^^

 - Cheap
- easy to find in your city
- so thick and comfortable
- love the pattern ><

 - i cannot buy 1 pair lens with different degree
so if you wanna buy softlens 
u can use my coupon : LUN410%
Contact : 083851716478 
u will get discount 10% if you purchase any lens
the owner also so kindly
she sell lens 100% original
so don't worry ^^

see you next time ^^/~


  1. beautiful eyes ~
    what eyelashes ur wear dear ?
    oh oh i want i want

    the lens kinda look like EOS brand
    (name forget did)

    1. this falshie is souvenir from my friends ,,
      when she do vacation ><
      i'm not sure msia got sell that falshie TT
      bcz @my town i never found this falshie ><
      the brand is la belle ><

      eerrrmmm ><
      sankyu ya ^^