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Thursday, 23 August 2012

B'day Presents for my boyfie & plan for giveaway

▔□▔)/▔□▔)/▔□▔)/ hy readers
My life still far away from free wifi  T T
Because i on holiday o>_<o~
But tmr i will review review n review again xDb
And my camera is back xDb
But my bro forget bring the charger T T
Sad π_π
My lovely boyfie is birthday date 31 august o>_<o~
Our bday different 2 weeks,,
My bday is 13 sept o>_<o~
I already prepare special presents from him xDb
But T T
he stay at malaysia o>_<o~
More sad
We already 2 years together o>_<o~
But never celebrate our bday together ︶︿︶
But i love him so muchie ::>_<::
And i wan kick him ::>_<::
But T T
Next year he will go study to UK
More far again o>_<o~
But he promise me, would buy bubbi brush full sets xDb
Since i know bubbi stay at London (≧▽≦)/~┴
And about giveaway.,
I still confuse ,,
I want do international giveaway o>_<o~
4 celebrate our bday
So keep stay tune o>_<o~


  1. haha...
    i laugh when read this

    "i love him so muchie
    and i want to kick him"

    haha... cute !