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Tuesday, 14 August 2012

~ My August Haul & Lovely Freebies~

hy gurlss
today i want show you my haul in this month ><
damn wasting my money
i almost bankrap TT
i'm so happy also XD
because i get what i want
a lot of discount ><
if i see discount, i feel like,,
i must get that XD

so,, this is my haul 

- Coastal Scents 88 Original Palette
( i wanted this palette so long time ago ><, but a lot of store sell Fake & Unbrand Palette TT & CS site do 50% sale XD, straight buy ><)

( This is Indonesia Hadalabo Version, so cheap & luckly i get 20% discount XD)

- Renu Multiplus 
( i few days have some trouble on my eyes ><, my eyes never feel comfort when i wear any circle lens, so a lot of people recommend me this lens water >< )

- Rohto C3 Cube
( i never use tear drop if my eyes itchy when i wear circle lens TT, so i bought this )

- Maybelline Make Up Remover Eye & Lip
( my favorite remover ever ><)

- Maybelline Master Liner Wh-1/White
( i wanted wanted white eyeliner pencil, so i found this product discount 35% *o*v)

- Maybelline Clear Smooth Shine Free Blush #Fresh Rose
( as you know, i never apply blush every i make up XDb )

- Etude Drawing Brow AD Refile #Brown
( buy just for fun =0=/ /slappppp )

- Tony Moly Lip Tint #Cherry
( this is famous lip tint >< i order almost 2 times and always sold out >< )

- Skin Foods Goldkiwi Toner & Fresh Apple Sparkling Pore Cream
( free sample when i purchase Etude Drawing Brow & Tony Moly Lip Tint )

- Princess Universe Mars aka Red Circle Lens
( wahahha circle lens again -3-, i buy this because anime Jigoku Shoujo Dx,, waawawa Ai >< )

- Geo X-tra WIA24 aka Geo Sakura Brown
( >< i don't have brown lens, so i choose this lens ><, this lens is very popular, because had soft tone

- Cute Lens Case ><


this is parcel from sweet gals Momoy 
sankyu dear ><
love it :*

this is from my friends of mine ^^
she bought this for me ><
because she know i addict with fake eyelashes XD

so this is my haul and freebie ><
i will review it ASAP ^^
see you in next post


  1. waaa 88 CS palette >< beli dpt hrg brp sa?

    1. aku dapat 240rbu ><
      di make up brush di facebook
      ini masih sale lo,,
      dp x cuma 100 ><
      nyesalnya beli ini ukuranya kecl TT
      kyk buku tulis

  2. ditunggu review staying powernya Maybelline Master Liner White nya ya :)

  3. great gaul!

    followed you xx

  4. colour nice
    plssss plsss plsss do a swatch of the palette

    and thx dear =)