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Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Dolly Wink New Packing & New Product

"dolly wink"
who didnt know this product XD
this product is create from Queen of Gyaru
Tsubasa Masukawa
love she so much
because i so boring
so i go to Koji Honpo
so i found something new ><
that is 
new product and new packing
in otona series
otona series difft with before series 
otona more like to mature
if before is more like ermmm
teenagers and cute XD
i think =3= /slap

so this the look XD

dolly wink falshie
as u know dolly wink falshie always come with 2 pair
now got 3 pair ><
but, only best seller falshie got 3 pair
not all falshie TT

brown mascara
very cute packing rite ><
got long & volume
same as dolly wink black mascara ><

the liquid eyeliner replace with old packing
this more cute ><
got brown eyeliner also
as i know, a lot request brown eyeliner for dolly wink product
cute, cute & cute ><

i wan buy this ><
so cute
the cover like flower ><
<3 otona series

make me wanna buy all ><
but so expen TT
i prefer go to japan for buy ><


  1. I love dolly winks packaging, but they're expensive, never try them T.T

    1. spend alot my money ><
      but i wanted for dolly wink falshie ^^

    2. i only buy falsie too. others stuff i use maybeline or other brands. Dolly wink too expensive for poor me. huhu

    3. at malaysia sure cheap 1 ><
      i c on fb online shop "princess monogatari"
      she sell cheap 1, but i don know how to transfer the money ><

  2. Hai aku kasih kamu award, cek blog ku ya :D
    Have a nice day