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Friday, 3 August 2012

~ The Beauty Luxury Contest~

today i join another contest or give away again ^^
this giveaway from the beauty luxury 
she send me a email for join her giveaway
and i so interest,
maybe if u didn't understand spain language
you can use google translate in her side bar ^^
the prize is


Flexibility is important in life. It's called compromise. But as for hair and style, is called protein. 
 This liquid styling gel provides fortifying proteins within a formula not containing resins. Protein provides volume and movement to fine hair, defines curls and creates wet looks with a glossy finish. True flexibility in style. 
- Penetrates the hair by adding strength and fixation 
- Get a shiny wet look finish 
- Defines curls with flexibility and shape 
- Ranges from a factor of setting light to strong hold like a rock 
Ingredients:  Amino silk proteins of wheat 
Results:  Gives strength Adds texture and shine 
 In this era of concern for our environment, we all try to do something meaningful in terms of renewal. 
This lightweight liquid serum, soothes the cuticle and renews the youthful appearance of hair. Contains a base of anti-aging vitamins combat free radicals and protects the hair from the assaults. It can be used in wet or dry hair to strengthen, moisturize and provide a rejuvenating glow. It also helps repair split ends. If we use this technology to help heal our environment, we would instantly. Perhaps in the near future. 
- Protects the hair cuticle restoring a more youthful 
- Strengthens, moisturizes and adds a light rejuvenating 
- Brings vitality and a glossy finish 
- Fights free radicals to neutralize and eliminate damage to the hair 
Ingredients:  Vitamins A, C and E Vitamin B complex Silicones 
Results:  Fights free radicals strengthens and moisturizes brings light
So if you interest you can go to her blog
wish me luck ^^
and good luck to you also girls