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Friday, 24 August 2012

~Review~ Maybelline Ma ner WH-1 aka. White

Hy dearsss ><
finally i can post something about my new babiess XD
today i want review about my new eyeliner pencil
~Maybelline Master Liner WH-1 Aka. White~
i love apply white eyeshadow in my waterline
but TT
make my eyes irritated, the powder of eyeshadow sometime come insert to my eyes TT
so make my eyes feel so itchy and red ><
sad TT
so, i research eyeliner pencil
but when i research korea product a lot of shimmery white eyeliner pencil & i wanted matte eyeliner pencil ><
and when i going to mall
i straight go to beauty counter
i see got white eyeliner pencil, brand beauuuuty ~0~ i forgotttt
the sales said the price is $9
what the ?????? ~,~
so the sales said again maybelline have new product only $3
so i thinking, in hypermart maybelline product discount 30%
and i straight go to hypermart, and i found it only $1,8 XD
buttt, when i want pay, in all cashier full a lot of people, like train DX
buy 1 item need queue so long =3=
i feel cannot stand again Dx
got aunty shopping until 2 shopping cart,
oh god =3=!!
so this is the eyeliner

from website :
Bolder. Smoother. Unlike any other. Now, experience the power of cream with a top-to-bottom glide.
Experience the new generation of liner:
 - Oil-free cream formula holds the higest concentration of pigments for more intense eye drama.
 - Smudgeproof and waterproof for 16 hours.
 - Most intense line for lasting drama.
 - Safe for sensitive eyes and opthamologist tested.
 - Contact lens safe.

 i think this more like crayon then pencil  ><


 this is my favorite eyeliner ever
no make my eyes irritated XD
then no shimmery, matte looks ><

- Cheap
- matte
- no need shapper
- easy to get in your country

- boring packing ><

so, see you in next post


  1. momoy always wanted to try it
    but when see the maybeline commercial break on this white eyeliner, i think it weird (see model or maybe because it overdo?)
    pls do a swatch dear

    1. i use it when i review my purple lens ^^