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Monday, 1 July 2013

~Tutorial~ 4 Way How I Create Ulzzang Lips

good afternoon all
have you had lunch?
starting today I start a new life
I'm back working at my old company
pretty boring
I actually do not want to work anymore, and want to focus on my study
but I fell in love with a pair of shoes at the mall
and I do not have the money to buy it
and though full of force, they are forced to work because there is nothing holding the accounting
orz .. especially the boss in my office called my parents to make me want to work with them
since a week I stress caused by duress, until I no appetite
on this hot day I wanted to post a tutorial
and this is a request from one of my lovely friends
and the tutorial is ...
in this post I will tell you 4 ways how I make ulzzang lips
I really love to create gradations in my lips, because it makes my lips more attractive and cute / slap
ulzzang lips and my favorite one, because almost every day I do it
I made ​​a tutorial in an easy way
and in some photos there are words wrong
because I edited it in a hurry
I hope you understand hehehe
Soft Pink Gradient Lips
It is a daily make-up lips
because the color is soft and not too flashy

Cherry Gradient Lips
This is a gradation lips are often done by ulzzang
in every photo ulzzang they always use a lip tint red
to make it look fresh and like a baby's lips

Milky Cherry Gradient Lips
almost the same as the tutorial cherry gradient lips
I just added a pink lipstick
in order to give the impression of an interesting, the color more pop and still cute

Peachy Pink Gradient Lips
This is one of my favorites gradient lips
because the color is perfect on my lips hehe
I use milk pink tint
and oddly enough my milk tint color is more inclined to peach ==

Product I Use
This is a series of products that I use in the tutorial
hope you enjoy with my tutorial: D
and do not forget follow me via bloglovin
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thank you>, <

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