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Monday, 8 July 2013

~Sponsor Review~ Neo Dali Natural Touch Brown

hello beautysss
how are you all??
I'm very busy these days, and have little time to relax
because I'm starting to work now, I promise I will always update my blog and do some tutorials too >, <
I will make a video tutorial, if I've bought a new camera
I have a plan about it
My old camera was too old, and not too focused on self portrait,
so, I plan to buy nikon dsrl screen that can be moved, or casio ex-zr1000
still confused >, <
and let time pass
This evening I want to review one of my favorite lens
I have a lot of review of circle lens, I hope you are not bored reading it
Brand: NEO
Origin: South Korea
Water content: 45%
Diameter: 14.2 mm 
Base Curve: 8.6
Duration: 1 year disposable

in the evening I will review one circle lenses, sponsored by
thank you karen>, < is one of the online shop which is based in hongkong
and sells a variety of circle lenses, wigs, etc
they have english and chinese language site
and worldwide shipping
I receive their packages within 1 month
inside the package I get a huge free lenscase
and some cards and brochures>,,, <
Reminder cards and thank-you cards
the design is very cute
brochures how to correctly use the circle lens
product brochures in
I love the eyelashes and wig>, <
want to make a credit card, so I can buy ..

neo dali brown natural touch is the latest series released by neo cosmos
and this is the first time I tried this brand
because it is very difficult to get this lens in Indonesia
and it seems not a lot of online shop selling this lens circle
This lens has a 2 tone
brown ring on its part and on the inside is brown orange,,
I think the pattern is quite unique
and looks very natural when used

The neo dali only has a diameter of 14.2mm
which I think is very small, for the lovers of circle lens is a large diameter
The first impression when I discovered this lens diameter of the circle is, if I can make my eyes look big?
and the answer is yes
circle when using this lens, the effect is like using a 15mm diameter circle lens
very surprising hahaha
actually rather difficult to find brown circle lens that matches my eyes
I have almost 3 brown circle lens
and the color of the lens circle more obivous than my eyeball color
and I never saw one circle lens, and the brown color of the lens circle is more to yellow than brown
but when I use the neo dali, the color is very natural in my eyes, when in flash usually brown color of my eyes is clearly visible, and when using this lens, almost the same as my original eye color
unfortunately this lens is not very comfortable, and dry quickly if the in-room air-conditioned
and my eyes become tired, it is recommended to use eye drops>, <

The circle lens could be one of my favorites, because when using circle lens is very, very natural, and it does not look weird> <
is suitable for the style ulzzang,, haha
circle lens unfortunately is not very comfortable in my eyes>, <
and quick drying and makes my eyes tired after using it for 6 hours
so I had to use eye drops> <

Rating :

I do not know why, my cheeks look chubby now
maybe I should start my diet program delayed

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