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Sunday, 30 June 2013

~Review~ It's Skin BabyFace Dual Lips #3 Sweet Orange

soon summer will be over and autumn is coming ♥(。→v←。)♥ ~~
when considering the fall, reminded me of the food, because the autumn is the season of harvest before winter 。+.゚ヽ(*´∀`)ノ゚.+。
hahaha forget all remember diet (*´艸`*)
in the summer of this year, tangerine and orange colors are very popular ヾ(^▽^)ノ
especially considering the orange color under the scorching sun, reminding me with orange juice(o≧∀≦o)
in the summer of last year also, tangerines color became very popular, and a lot of cosmetic brand products issued with color tangerines
and I think the color is very fresh in my eyes, last year I also had to order directly from one of korea dual lips with the color orange (*ゝ∀・*)b
and it is ゞ(*ゝω・)ノ
Description :
Tint and gloss in one product
Watery type tint that makes your lip light, moist, and lively
Fine pearls expresses more lively with natural colors
Gloss without stickiness
Reapplying will make your lips shine more

who does not know about these cute products (ミ^0^ミ)
almost everyone who saw the packing of the product it's skin babyface definitely want to buy it
so did I. (≧∇≦*≡*≧∇≦)ノ
packing picture of a baby who has wings, like angel 
makes me want to have all of its products ヾ(●≧∀)ノ
I bought this product on g-market, when it's one online shop held a year-end discounts and I was interested in buying a dual lip and base makeup (not in review) ( ・´◡`・ )
I waited almost 4 months until I can try this product (〒_〒)ウウウ
very poor delivery (ノಠ益ಠ)ノ彡┻━┻
It's Skin BabyFace Dual Lips has 3 color that is #1 Dual Red, #2 Dual Pink, #3 Dual Orange 
I chose the color orange because I really like to see the lip BJD (Ball Jointed Doll) are colored orange gradation 
and I want to try to make my lips look like that (@^w^@)

It's Skin BabyFace Dual Lips size is very small, like the size of my forefinger, make me afraid to put it carelessly (。・ˇ_ˇ・。​)
It's Skin BabyFace Dual Lips has two functions
is colored like lime or transparent, functions to lip gloss
and the orange color is a lip tint
It's Skin BabyFace Dual Lips brush is very short I think 
probably because the product name It's Skin BabyFace, so the products they produce should petit (≧艸≦)y
even so, It's Skin BabyFace Dual Lips is very easy to apply on the lips,
and I really like the scent of a It's Skin BabyFace Dual Lips, scented orange and lime
to make me want to lick it ξ(∀≦●ξ)

This It's Skin BabyFace Dual Lips at the orange lip tint containing little shimmer ( ◔ิω◔ิ)ノ∵ 
nevertheless the shimmer not visible when applying on the lips ლ(^o^ლ)
if you want to use it all over the lips, lip tint is very easy to apply, even though it took me two times to apply that color looks clear
but if too many apply it on lips will make the color uneven and a bit strange I think ヘ(+_+ヘ)
and lip gloss, I really like to use this lip gloss, because the color is transparent so easy to use with colorful lipstick, to give the impression of full lips or sexy lips ლ(╹ε╹ლ)
but for the staying of lip gloss is only half an hour and we have to apply again (● ̄ω ̄●)ノ

My lips photo above is an example of when I use the dual lips
and inspired lip BJD (^u^)

~ Cheap
~ has dual color
~ love the scent
~ easy to apply
~ the lip tint doesn't make my lips dry
~ make my lips looks fuller

~ hard to get
~ not stay longer must reapply after half hours

Rating :

I give 5 rating because i really love this product  ヾ(≧∀≦☆)
and i would repurchase again someday in same color maybe (っ◜◡◝)っ

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