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Friday, 26 July 2013

~Make Up Tutorial~ Park Bom - Falling In Love Inspired Look

hallo pretty girls
how are you,?
I'm very busy these days
My work at the office so accumulate
and I had to learn a new application program to enter the data
like MYOB
actually I've studied it in high school
but had forgotten and and i just lil abit remember about it
because I really hate the teachers who teach me 
because he reported me to the principal
he said I always late come to school 
I always come earliest and rarely late, except on the day of their subject,
I do not know why I'm always late to school

in today's super duper hot,.
I want to share about my new tutorial video>, <
actually had a few days ago I uploaded this video
but my friend told me', my videos can not be watched via mobile
I also dont understand
and I re-uploaded this video in various formats
and still can not
but I hope you still take the time to view it

I made ​​this video tutorial, inspired by my favorite girl group is 2NE1
at this time newest MV, their genre such as reggae and of course I really love  they the new song
especially when I saw my boomie unnie, she's very pretty at all >, <
like a living doll haha
and her eye makeup, like gyaru
stunning when I saw their MV
and in this tutorial, eye make up inspired boomie unnie
This is only inspiration, not copycat her look : P
and hope you enjoyy it

hope you enjoy the tutorial ,,
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thank you andddd jaaa neeeee ^0^

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