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Saturday, 8 June 2013

~Sponsor Review~ Maxvue Vision Phantasee Devined Ring

happy weekend girls
i miss my blog so much
already 1 week I did not post something on my blog
I'm heartbroken
therefore I'm very lazy to do something
I eat and sleep very lazy
up to my weight down and my eyes become panda
and my first post in June, I will be reviewing the circle lenses again
Phantasee® Fashion contact lenses come in four design series to suit all your fashion needs. Be it natural, vivid or bigger looking eyes, to work or to play, Phantasee® has the right flavour for you. Complete your fancy dressing and halloween costume with Phantasee® Lenses. our massive range will ensure you never ran out of ideas.
Fittings : B.C: 8.6mm, DIA: 14.0mm, 15.0mm
Power Range : Plano (0.00)
Packaging : 2 lenses per box
Replacement : 3 Months

you guys still remember the post about the email from fedex that makes my email into error?
This is the package I've been waiting on fedex
I get sponsors and their use as service delivery fedex
I always got a shipment from overseas using a local post
and when I had tracking, within 1 week of my stuff was supposed to arrive at destination
and I waited until 1 month
when I was searching in google fedex office in Samarinda, there was no fedex office here,
and I contacted the fedex office in Balikpapan
consumer service told me I had to pay $ 5.5 for my package arrive at my place
and I agree, but I waited until 2 months, my package did not arrive
once again I contacted the fedex office at BPP
and they told me I had to transfer the money, and I said I did not get an email about it, and they promised to give the invoice if I give my email, and I'm waiting for their email, but no ..
so since then, I was committed, the package arrived or not, only god knows
and a few weeks ago, my friend came to my house, and we talked about it, and the next day
when I take a nap ..
My neighbor shouted aloud
and said, "Arisa your package COMING!"
I bring $ 5 to pay taxes and other
when the mind is still drifting, because I just woke up
and I do not recognize the courier who came
after a few minutes he was busy writing,
I just realized that the packets sent via fedex
I was a bit shocked at the time, hahah
because the money I did not bring enough
and when I started the packet signature,
I do not have to pay taxes and other
and courier it went away

the package arrived with good condition, although some countries have explored
when I opened it, inside there are 1 pair of lens, lenscase, and brochures
and can be seen lot of lens options, and suitable for cosplayers

MAXVUE VISION is a global contact lens company which specialist in cosmetic and crazy contact lenses and lens care products. We are fully committed to combine our industrial knowledge, expertise and research resources to produce the best products using the latest innovation in both designs and technology.
To ensure safety and consistent quality, all our products are manufactured in a stringent quality controlled environment in ISO9001 and GMP approved facilities using the latest contact lens manufacturing technology. Our products have passed European CE approval, which is also accepted in most other parts of the world.
Our products are marketed in more than 40 countries worldwide. to distributors, and both high street and online retailers. The steady expansion illustrates the strength of our product quality, lens comfort and exceptional customer service.
MaxVUE's vision is to be a global player in disposable coloured contact lens business. Leading with fashion, technology and brand image.
To offer products with unique designs and best quality that serve different markets segments globally.
This lens comes with a blister forms
different contact lens that I always buy that always comes with a bottle-shaped
I chose black lens, because I really like that look natural lens in my eye
and I chose the ring defined, because the pattern of the lens is not too dorky I think
because Maxvue lot of presents Crazy Lens or lens that is intended to cosplayers
who want to use the lens, but has a sensitive eye
because it is an optical lens
and we can only use it for 3 months
the color of the lens is not too black
seen from the pattern, the color is more inclined to gray
Unlike most contact lens pattern, patterns like a flowers,
and the designs are very natural
I chose lens big size series
where the diameter of the lens is 15mm
as you know, I really love the lens with a very large diameter
because of very large diameter lens can make dolly eyes effect
I really like to see my eyes are very large
because my eyes are very small
and the diameter of the lens is quite big I think
the color is very natural and blend with the original color of my eyes

The Lens on my eyes

I'm very very very like with this lens
because this lens is very thin
perhaps for the first time to try or use contact lenses, I'm not too suggest you use this lens, this lens because it was so thin, it is difficult to put into eyes
really very difficult
and as thin as well, I used to remove my makeup and rubbed it with a fairly hard for quick clean of eyeshadow and eyeliner,
and I always use the lens, when I use this lens, this lens is missing from my eyes and moved into my eyeballs
and I had to open my eyes wide to returns the original position lens
very scary
moreover the lens is very thin and may be quickly torn
but for comfort of these lenses
I give it 5 stars
because it is very comfortable in the eyes,
I never feel itchy when using this lens, it is very convenient for everyday use
and I use it for 12 hours is not a problem
without the use of eye drops
but, this lens is a little scary to me
~ so comfortable
~ so thin
~ had big diameter
~ does make my aye feel itchy and dry
~ hard to get i think
~ hard to put into my eyes
~ quite scary, if i rub my eyes can move into eyeball image

Rating :

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Facebook : ColourVue
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Bonus weird selca image

thank you for reading >,<
and happy weekend all 

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