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Saturday, 22 June 2013

[Update] I'm still alive ....

私は本当にブログの世界を欠場 image
I want to say
私のブログを訪問していただきありがとうございます image
few this week, I was busy with college assignments and semester exams image
makes me not have time or lazy to blogging
every day, I always watch the drama until bored image
I am among those who do not like studying or reading a book full of theory image
I prefer a real job, but what should I do, I have to finish my college and I had planned to leave Indonesia image
I want to venture out to other places, to seek a new atmosphere
haha image
therefore I have graduated from here,
higher semester that I took, the more difficult lessons image
1 week before the exam should have it is restful week, turning into college assignments week image
until I stressful image
and the exam was over, I still have a college assignments I have to do image
My professor was very cruel image
instead of allowing the students to rest calmly, instead giving the task a lot
and the question of the assignment, each student is different image 
so we can not help each other image

and for my sponsors, the shipment seems were problem, or customs that are looking for deposit haha image
because soon the month of fasting, and therefore few my stuff from abroad has not arrived image
I hope you can be patient image
not because I was wrong image
thank you for reading ,, and see you in next week image

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