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Thursday, 27 June 2013

~How To :~ Wash My Brush

good morning all
as usual this night I did not sleep well
due to a house fire just happened, more or less very far from my home
but people in my house was very panic and cried, like a it happened in my home 
plus the blackout incident
making very panic
and until now I can not sleep because my bedtime is interrupted
for some time I did not update my blog
because of busy various things, like a college assignment and semester exams
and in the morning I'm going to tell you guys,
how I wash my brushes?
I was keeping my makeup tool, because my face has sensitive skin
1 once a week so I have to wash my brushes.
because I live so far away from the capital city
here is very difficult to get brushes soap / cleaner
I do not want to pay the postage was very expensive, and wait PO hahah
plus I have almost 30 brush
so I chose a economical product but efficient way to clean my brushes
and the product is very easy to find here

What I Need ??
Hadalabo Face Wash: I use this because it is a very good face wash to remove the dirt on my face and this is my favorite face wash, and this is very easy to buy at department stores and others, you can also use a shampoo for baby and etc.
Dettol Antiseptic: a killer germ lodged in my brush hahah just as anti-bacterial,
Olive oil: I use it because it makes me very quickly cleared brush and can maintain the shape of the brush,

The first pour half into the lid dettol in water
brush and soak all the water that has been given dettol, function removes bacteria and when we clean the brush also easier
First I would clean Etude House Doll Puff,
because it is usually very difficult to clean and takes a lot of time
can u see a very dirty spons
because I very often use this
Pour about a tablespoon of olive oil and face wash into a small bowl
roll the spons into a bowl and give water, soap and olive oil to stick in spons
slowly, squeeze the sponge and give water to make foam brown, the brown color of the foundation and bb cream that I use,
and do it repeatedly until they are clean and wipe the foam using water
and my sponge being very clean hoho
 The next I cleaned my puff of powder
I used the remaining olive oil when I cleaned my sponge
and give a little water and facial foam, and worn and slightly shake,
and squeeze until brown colored foam disappears and wash with water
 and my puff is cleaned 
foundation brush may be very difficult to clean, because the foundation and bb cream which is very hard to stick to clean, especially if the brush that had long been in the clear
I gave half a tablespoon of olive oil and face wash, and give a little water and mix well using a foundation brush is dirty, and within seconds, the water is colored white to brown as the foundation and bb cream inherent in the brush and wash using water
and welcome my cleany baby brush
after all finish, i must wait whole night and my brush ready to use ^^

thank you for reading and see you in another post :D

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thank you

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