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Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Lovely Lue Giveaway Part 2

hy hy hy
i wanna post about Lovely Lue Giveaway again ><
if you read my before Post
i so excited about this giveaway ><

i also choice prize number 2
that is


The rules is
1. follow her blog via GFC
2. Write about this giveaway and post it on your blog plus answer few question
a. why u follow this blog
b. why you choosing this prize
c. create 1 look, which be favorite jie lulu, thats "Cat Eye"

Cat Eyes with "Grey Eyeshadow"
must post 2 picture, close & open your eyes ya :D
3. Send GFC name & link at post comment
4. Post on Facebook about this giveaway , with shout :
I'm choosing Naked 1 as my prize ^^

why i follow her blog ?
my answer is same as my previous Post ^^

why i choosing this prize ??
because this palette is very popular among make up guru on youtube
who didn't know Urban Decay Naked 1
from beginner until pro MUA like do challenge review this palette on youtube ><
i always thinking, 
how to special this palette ??
i think this palette full with brown colors
i searching the review ><
i quite interesting about the palette
because it's so pigmented ><
but when i see the cost
i wanna scream
Almost $70
i until said, that's from gold it is  ??
i ask my boyfie about this
he said.....
i can use than money for eat 2 weeks you know?
don't wasting your money
my boyfie always scold me if i wasting my money for buy make up things ><
i also just student, how can i spend so much money 
i got kill from my mom if she know about this ><
so, i want this palette so badly >0<
/slapped =-=/

My Cat Eyes looks
*i think this more like K-POP Style ><
i will make the tutorial ASAP =O=


Thanks for reading  guys ><
hope you enjoy it
don't forget visit Lovely Lue blog ^^
have a nice days ^^/~

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