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Thursday, 1 November 2012

~Review~ Maybelline Clear Smooth Blush On #Fresh Rose

 Hy ladies ,,
welcome November ^0^/~
but i scare with December =3=
because movie 2012 /slapped
today i wanna post about my first ever blush on
i never/don't like put or apply blush on =3=
i don't know why ,,
but my cheek more like apple fuji
my cheek is chubby so i thinking if i apply blush on i will look like dako chan -3-
so, i always go out with pale face XD
after 30 minute my cheek will be red, because sun -3-
i cannot stand at sunny days for along time,
if not i K.O =3=
so, when  i going to Hypermart
Maybelline discount 35% every purchase ><
so i buy alot XD
/over shopping -3-
1 from Maybelline product i purchase is
Maybelline Clear Smooth Blush On #Fresh Rose

the packing is from plastic with color green tosca /i think
the cover is hard plastic and transparent ><
so will easy choose the the color XD
i choose Fresh Rose,
because i don't want the color is too pop on my cheek
i want natural XD
but if u don't like Fresh Color u can choose 
- Fresh Berry 
- Fresh Coral
- Fresh Apricot

first time i saw in market i tough it's not shimmery
when i back and see in sun light
it's shimmery
but not much 
still normal -3-

u see the color of blush on is so soft ><
not to bright and no shimmery when i apply it XD
but i prefer use duo fiber brush for have natural looks
if not will too pop..

gomen for bad quality picture and chubby cheek -3-
u see the blush is blend well with my skin tone :D

- Cheap (because i get discount XD)
- pigmented
- no powdery 
- easy to get

- no get puff or brush -3- / i see in philippines free puff in the packing -3-

repurchase ???
no, i wanna try other XD

thanks for reading

1 comment:

  1. It is a cute color on you! You should put blush more often. It actually looks really nice on you.