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Monday, 15 October 2012

Celebrating My Belated Birthday ... Welcome 20 y.o ~0~v

Hy ladies ><
today i wanna post about "Celebrate My Belated Birthday"
actually my birthday at 13 Sept'
but i celebrating it at 09 Oct'
why ???
because 1 from my frens is celebrating her birthday also ><
so i said with them i will celebrating my birthday XD

because the weather is sot sot -3-
rainy hot..
i do really natural make up XD
i draw very thin line ,,

i only use eyeliner & mascara
no eyeshadow -3-
because i don't want too dramatic XD

I didn't tie my hair ><
my hair is so annoying in real =3=

My new ribbon ><

i feel i soooo fat -0-
i forgot apply lipstick ><
so i cover it

When i come to PM, 
My frens Jie Winda, Jie Rosa, Jie Kaka, Jie Devi & Mei2 Lisa
already waiting me ,,
6 Oriental gals is hang out >,<
a lot of people looked at us 
i don't know what they thinking about
so, we going to Pizza Hut
and this what we eat

Strawberry Soda ><

Fish Chips Pizza,,

Rice Bowl

so what is my presents ??
Ps. Sorry For messy bed rooms -3-,,
i lazy clean it,,

New Bags & Onion STICK ~LOL~

but -3-
what they leave in the bagsss

the price bags -3-

they are so fucking annoying,, but i love them XD

the i have special presents from my hubby ><

Rillakuma Chocolate Dollsss ><


actually i wanted LG Lollipop
but he tough i want this HP
at least i said i want Pink,, 
he bought me Blue Color -3-
with said ,,
blue is nice
pink is not nice
hey uuuu
ur headphone is pinkkkkkk >0<::::
i taking ur iPhone4s =3=

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