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Monday, 1 October 2012

~Review~ mini PRINCESS Foot Peeling Mask 美足时刻-水蜜桃脫皮足膜

happy weekend ><
tomorrow i can sleep whole days XD
today i wanna review About 
mini PRINCESS Foot Peeling Mask 美足时刻-水蜜桃脫皮足膜 
if you read about my post about my  "Haul"
this is a freebies from momoy
sankyu dear ><
i like walking, some more if i going to mall, i ever go 5 mall and no rest XD
i feel my legs wanna fly ><
but ><
i don know why my foots skin become like brown and like so thick -o-
i give cream, wash with lemon & warm water
but it's not working anymore
so when i read momoy post about Foots Peeling
making wanna buy it, but this only available at malaysia,
so she ask my address ,,
wahh she is so kindly ><

Peeling Foot Mask-mini Princess. 水蜜桃脫皮足膜
This is 1st time i try foot peeling ><
a mask for help me to remove my dead skin on my foots
i'm not sure this made in Japan 0o0
this is made in China
because i don't know the meaning
i ask my boyfie who everyday talk with china language ><
he said the meaning, ermmmmmm =0=
make your legs smooths
#i forget the meaning XD, but i lil remember that's he said 

mini Princess Foot Mask will let the foot skin smooth and soften while walk freely. It is easy to use and fit nicely. A nice design to pamper your feet in the same time to move freely.
Xanthan gum, Glycerin, 1.3Butylene Glycol, Lactic acid, Sodium Lactate, polyglucanE-20, Cucumber extract, Aloe extract, Collagen, Methyl paraben, Polysorbate-20, Alcohol, Dl water, Peach extract.
Recommend to use with foot cream to sooth those with slightly dryer condition to speed up healing process.
Foot masks is not corrosive. Hence you do not have to worry that it'll injure your skin if you exceed to application time.
Within 1 week, you will notice your skin falling off. This is a natural process so do not worry. When the skin totally fall off, you will achieve smooth soft beautiful foot!
Falling off of skin varies with individual. Range from 1 week to 1 month. This is natural so do not worry.
Store within 30 degree and below. Away from direct sunlight. Out of reach of children. After opening, please use immediately.
If you experience any allergies, please stop using and wask off with water. You can consult a doctor.

1. Clean your feet. Remove masks and cut along the line.
2. Wear/Put on the masks. Essence should not touch other parts of your feet, except your sole.
3. Put on socks to allow the essence to come into contact with your sole better.
4. Wait for 60 to 90 mins.
5. Remove foot masks and wash off with water.
Review :
#sorry for disgusting picture ><

welcome my baby foots ><
 1st days when i use it, i felt like robots ><
because i don't know if use it can with shock TT
so i at bed almost 2 hours >< and so itchy, 
i love the fragrance, peach ><

2nd days i didn't feel any different with my foots,
until i think, maybe my skin foots too thick XD

3rd days my friends come to my home and ask me to hang out buy mirror,
when back ,, i see my skin is tear off XD
so i remember what is momoy said
soak my warm water XD
4rd days alot of peel peel & peel ><
my mum until scare, and said me got ill -0-
and my house floor full with my skin dead XD

5th my dead skin almost go away XD
i love touch it ,,,
i almost 2 times wanna fall at toilet =0=
because my foots so smooth

> cute packing
> no make hurt on my skin
> love the fragrance ><
> working good ><

> feel abit itchy 

Repurchase :
yes if i going to malaysia 
or you can get online at

thank you for reading ><
buai buaii~~

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