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Thursday, 22 November 2012

~Review~ GEO xTRA Series WI-A24 or Geo Sakura Brown

I feel wanna holiday Dx
a lot of things i must to do
luck no homework or assignment 
if no.. i getting crazy now
and ..
thanks god, all my work at office is done :D
so today i can blogging again ><
about my new lens XD
/slapped new lens again
i don't know, why i cannot stop for buy circle lens ><
i don't want call myself is circle lens junkies ><
because i am poor..
not rich
this circle lens can steal my heart ......
almost few month i want buy this lens,
but always thinking buy or not
luck again the owner shop give me a lot of discount ><
sankyu ~~ <3

 Geo Xtra WI-A24 Brown Lens 15mm
The Geo Xtra Sakura is for those who do want to show their sparkling eyes to the world with a sporty and adventurous streak in them. These lenses are available in violet, blue, green, grey and pink colors. A width of 15mm is guaranteed to give a big eye effect and make you the center of attraction. So get a set of sparkling contact lenses and prepare to be a head turner.
Price is for ONE PAIR (2 Lenses)
Life Span : 1 Year Disposable
Power Available : 0.00 to -6.00
Diameter : 15 mm
Manufacturer : GEO Medical , South Korea
Price : $12

Lens in the Bottle

who didn't  know this lens ><
a lot or beauty blogger like Xiaxue, Eki & also famous make up blogger Michelle Phan
wearing this lens ><
the pattern is soft.. 
because only have 2 tone ..
and black rings ><
that make your eye is looks bigger ..
Michelle Phan always wearing this pattern of lens ,, if she do anime tutorial..
like.. hatsune miku, sera, and anime purple gothic /if i'm not wrong -x-
 it's so cute....
actually i want "PINK" colors
but no degree TT
it's so hard found pink color had degree in Geo brand >x<
i choose brown because ...
i don't have brown circle lens XD
this lens make my eyes bigger .. because the rings
and of course anime looks XD
my friend told me,, my face looks slimmer and sexier when i wear that lens ><

Lens on My Eyes

Without flash

With Flash

i love geo brand ...
this lens is so thin..
i feel didn't wear any lens..
and almost i rub my eyes X3 

~ comfort .. i use from 07am - 08pm. only need 2 tear drops ><
~ love the pattern.. soft and lil abit natural XD
~ give dolly and anime looks ><

 ~ not any.. but,, i don't like the sticker in the bottle ><.. not cute anymore

so thanks for reading..
it's time for me to sleep XD
oyasumi ..

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