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Tuesday, 13 November 2012

~Review~ Revlon ColorBurst™ Lipstick #008 Candy Pink

Hello Girl ><
how is your days..?
today is so hot days =3=
when i go out from my room ,, fell sun wanna kill me,
and sure i felt so sleepy like a bear XD
i don't know why, if hot day i always fell so sleepy =3=
/forget about that
today i wanna review my daily lipstick
That is
Revlon ColorBurst™ Lipstick #008 Candy Pink

Description :
- Instant burst of rich, true color with a featherlight feel.
- Elasticolor™ technology provider immediate color release and hugs lips with a burst of weightless color that feels like a second skin
- Available in 20 Gorgeous Shades, including 5  new Shades
- 3.7 grams

I bought this because actually i want buy Revlon colorbrust lip butter
and i seeking for nude color ><
like gyaru 
but the SA said i prefer Pink color because my lips is small
when i try the sample i like the Candy Pink color
because so soft ><

Rose Bon Bon..
How cute it is ><

The Ingredients is so... Wow

The Lipstick Looks

Remind me cotton candy color ..
have Revlon Mark in the lipstick..

Swatch times

On My Hands

The color on my hand is almost transparent or maybe because i snap use my phone
/bad quality camera
the color is looks so smooth right, n sheer

Swatch on My Lips

I have 3 Way for apply this Lipstick

Bare Lips

Sorry for fat lips =3=

Only with the Lipstick

With Lip Blam

With Lips Concealer

I like when apply the lipstick wit Lip Concealer
because will give me pink milk soft lips XD

- i love the color of lips. so smooth on my lips >.<
- i love the packing.. like elegant haha
- cheap
- easy to get in Revlon Counter ><

- not long lasting >< when i eat already gone the lipstick on my lips TT

Repurchase ...
Maybe yes  ><
i want but Revlon ColorBurst Lips Butter

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thank you for visit my blog and reading it ><
my giveaway for my follower is coming soon XD
keep stay tune

bye ~~

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