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Friday, 18 May 2012

Gyaru >< ❤ *Looxperiments Tutorial*

ohayouuuu minna >0<''

already wake up??
because today is holiday X3

one of Indonesian Beauty blogger, Looxperiments currently organizing make up challenge, the rules is very easy XD
we only choose few make up tutorial n make a blog post about our make up picture.
the prize is sponsor from 
i quite interest with the second prize, mineral flat brush XD
(lol~~~ =='')
this contest is open only for Indonesian citizen 
(=3='' i just moving to here, of course i can join XD) 
this is my first make up contest, because i too shy for make up except in my bed room, XD
if at outside you can meet me with blurr face

so, the tutorial i choose is ???? ~Eye Make Up Tutorial = Gyaru~
The reason because,,, i love gyaru style XD
this is my everyday make up (if at Japan),, hehehe
 but at Indonesia ==, noooooo,, 
fell they looked at me like see a clown Dx
or they don't know the make up.. (positive thinking ^^)

this is my make up tutorial for this challenge ^^
hope you enjoy~~~~

1. Start with bare eyes,, and don't forget your circle lens ^^ i wear Super Barbie Eyes Nudy Blue Lens ^^ (sorry for blurry Picu =3= my camera fall and gone at airport Dx~~ yaba!)

2. Put your Favorite Eyes primer, for make the color of eyeshadow out ^^ (optimal)

3. Put creamy milky eyeshadow over your eyes lid 

4. Put Purple Pink Eyeshadow in half your eyes lid

5. Put Purple Eyeshadow in < line

6. Bring down the purple eyeshadow to water line 

7. Pearl Eyeshadow in inner corner

8. Line your eyes with eyeliner (i use dolly wink eyeliner ^^)

9. Make a sharp (see the green dot) for make your eyes looked bigger

10. Apply your favorite mascara in your lashes 

11. Put your fake lashes (my down lashes is my real lashes =3=) and you are done ! ^^

Final Results XD
winkk ;*

just try my new wig XD looked natural right ??

Don't forget for gyaru looks is 
 hair bun 

and kitty bow XD

(=='' sorry messy no hair spray,, lol)

yupp. this is my entry for Looxperiments Makeup Challenge
i know i just begginer X3
but, wish me luck ><
4 second prize.. hahaha

thanks for reading, hope you enjoy guys ^^