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Wednesday, 16 May 2012


Hi all

yesterday i already post about "Fake BB Cream Skin79"
just now i want share about "FAKE DOLLY WINK"
sad actually, because Dolly Wink is Pricey,
and if we buy fake one, that same we wasting our money =e=
some more i big fans with brand "DOLLY WINK"
and i don't want buy fake make up things ANYMORE!!!!!

now i want post few picture of Fake Dolly Wink and Comparison >0<

1. Dolly Wink Liquid Eyeliner

Anybody knows if Dolly Wink Liquid Eyeliner is Best Eyeliner ever =0=
a lot of people (include me =3=/~) buy this eyeliner, although the eyeliner is damn pricey, but the eyeliner is easy to use (personal), and the design is sooooooooo kawaii as Tsubasa Masukawa XD~~

the Original Dolly Wink Looks

the Fake Dolly Wink Looks

The compare Original & Fake Dolly wink

 for more compare you can read in Fishball's corner!! ^^

2. Fake Dolly Wink Fake Eyelashes 

LOL!!! =3=
maybe a lot of people didn't knows if Dolly Wink Falsie got FAKE also
this is because i found a online shop at Facebook few month ago (forget the name olshop =w=)
 she sell the falsie is damn cheap, luckly she post d real picture (bwahahahahahah) so i said this is fake Dx~~
why i can said that...
now i can post few picture of the falsie

Real Dolly Wink Falsie

Fake Dolly Wink Falsie

Fake and Real Dolly Wink Compare


from now we must selective for choose or buy something
because a lot of fake stuff in there and here =3=
i now to be scare for buy something, like i scare driving motor cycle xoxoxoxo
and earn money not easy like to spend money,, xP
so you sure don't want spend your money for buy fake things right?? =^=

once again .. thx for reading X3