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Wednesday, 16 May 2012


Hallo all !!

today i didn't review anything
i just want share about "FAKE BB CREAM SKIN 79"
Why i want share about that ??
this is because last time i bought BB Cream Skin79 in M*****E
one online shop at facebook
the BB Cream is A FAKEEE Dx~~~~~
i damn regret ==
because that time the bb cream lil abit pricey TT
the pump is broke 1, and the watermark in bottle faster dissapear the words
i already complaint, but the owner scold me =3=
she said : "the pump real bb cream hot pink is broken 1"
i comparison with few bb cream as missha, etude, etc
she always found a reason for reply me =3=

now girls, i don't want you have same problem with me TT
now i would give few picture of fake SKIN 79

1. This is fake of CRYSTAL PEARL BB CREAM
the real packing not like this and the fake one is "MADE IN CHINA


2. Fake BB Cream Skin79 Diamond

3. Fake Bb Cream Skin79 Gold

 ( Right is real Bb cream, left is fake!)

4. How to different BB Cream Skin79 Fake And Real

U can check the authenticity with check label, if you tear the label got word "VOID"

The original box more tall than fake one

do you want fake bb cream put to your face ?????????? 

 Real BB cream box..

Right i real, left is fake

and this my fake bb cream =3='', 

1. Fake bb cream if u smell, d smell like weird and real 1 the smell is soft
2. The real BB cream, the pump more shorter than fake 1
3. Word SKIN79 in fake bb cream easy for to clear
4. got expired date in pump and bix
5. pump press real is big and silver, if fake small and white.
6. hard to blend and very oily (personal)
7. no cover like silicon in the pump

i hope this can help you girls, since BB CREAM SKIN79 HOT PINK is best seller, and you don't want weird cream make your pretty face is broken!!
and if you want buy real bb cream, you can buy in Skin79 Indonesia (if you stay in indonesia),and if you stay in Singapore you can buy at Skin79 Singapore maybe lilt abit pricey, but i guarantee the bb cream is real 1! ^^

thanks for reading

Update 09 November 2012

Because a lot of people thinking only SKIN 79 Hot Pink is a lot of Fake 
i found something make me lil a bit shock, 
i found fake SKIN 79 Vital BB Cream at album Skin 79 Ina OxO
As Skin 79 Hot Pink,  Skin 79 Vital BB cream is very popular
how cruel,
Not only Hot pink, gold, and vital
Absolute diamond also ><
so, this is the looks
Fake Absolute Diamond

SKIN 79 BB CREAM Only had 1 shade

no barcode in the box ,,

Fake BB Cream Super Vital

Skin 79 never production this eyeliner,,,

so,, i hope u more be careful gals..
because a lot of fake product everywhere and anywhere ...


  1. Hey there! I have followed your blog :) BTW I love cinnamon roll too! So soft and fluffy!

  2. i followed you back ^^
    thanks u ^^

  3. poor u
    but thx for sharing
    must careful

  4. waaah aku baru aja beli BB Hotpink juga di FB.. semoga ga palsu :( thanks for sharing! :D

  5. Eeeewwww how disgusting!

    Sellernya mungkin gatau itu palsu makanya mati2an bela diri ya?

    Mending PO deh sama seller yg uda dipercaya org banyak.

    Thx for sharing *huuug*