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Sunday, 17 January 2016

~Review~ A'pieu Air-Fit Cushion Doraemon Edition #13

helloo hellooo beauties image
happy belated new year all image
in this year I am promised I will often update my blog
actually, I quite free for blogging, but I must recharge my mood for making a post on my blog image
after graduate from my college, I am busy making a journal of my thesis and find my lecture for sign my thesis image
and now people at home force me looking a job, but that is not easy as they thinking because my certificate hasn't released yet 
finally, I have a time for review this BB Cushion
actually, this is my second BB Cushion, but I am not satisfied with my 1st cushion because quick dry so I didn't review it image
I remember using that cushion just 8-10 times and since that, I am not interest buy any BB cushion except get promotion or free refill image

 Wrinkle repair, whitening and UV protection 
 Lightweight texture and moisturized skin with 32% Mineral Water 
 Rolling Gel System and Sliding Powder offers a more even application without clumpiness 
 Combination of Air-Light Powder and Airy Cover Powder offers buildable coverage that still feels soft and silky on the skin 
 Contains Aloe Vera, Tea Tree and patented ingredient Avocado peptide that provides moisture, soothing and anti-ageing benefits to the skin 

image The Cushion: 

this is my 1st time trying brand A'pieu
as I say, I am not interest yet for trying another BB Cushion because an incident with my 1st BB Cushion image
but, I still curious with Laneige Snow Cushion because lot people give a great impression with that brand 
and I promise myself for buy that as my own birthday present
but, since I am still a student and I spend a lot of money for my final semester 
so I cancel buy Laneige Snow cushion with the financial reason image
I decide to purchase A'pieu Air-Fit Cushion because A'pieu collaboration with my favorite anime character that is DORAEMON image
I also so excited for getting it because this is are special packet and you will get a free refill and cushion puff image
but quite hard for find online shop open PO for brand A'pieu and I looking trust online shop selling this BB Cushion with a reasonable price because a lot online shop sells this BB Cushion with a higher price image
I purchase my BB Cushion in Dephito Cosmetic
although this is not sponsored review, I really impressed with the owner service and Dephito sell a lot Korea brand and special items from Korea Brand image
and I can't stop screaming if she updates her online store because the price quite cheap and a special collaboration Korea brand with famous character image

A'pieu bb cushion come with tall box and light blue
I really love the packing because has Doraemon character on it and that is so cute image
in the back of box have written about a description of the product with Korea hangul 

this is my favorite part that is unboxing image
I am so excited want to see what inside the box
A'pieu cushion comes with Doraemon Case Cushion, BB Cushion Refill, and Cushion Puff image

I can't stop looking this cute case 
this case very light and also travel size
so I can put it in my makeup pouch image
Rating  /5 Cherry

I like using this cushion puff because so soft and spongy 
I really love using this cushion puff for application foundation and another bb cream because easy to use and just dap dap this puff perfectly blend foundation on my skin image

image The BB Cream:

Rating  /5 Cherry

the bb cream very light and not sticky and giving moist effect on my skin when using it image
this bb cream very great for normal to dry skin
and plus point I really love with bb cream scent, like the scent of flowers and fruits so refreshing image

image The Coverage:

Rating  /5 Cherry

the coverage light to medium but if you want full coverage you can reapply this bb cream
this bb cream coverage was great because can cover my redness and my panda eyes image
but i wrong choose my shade, w13 too fair on my skin tone 
and I quite shock when I apply this bb cream because make face looked so pale 
the staying power was great, about 4-5 hours without retouch 

image Overall :

Rating  /5 Cherry

 What I Like 
 Cutest packing 
 the coverage was great
 very light texture and make my skin moist
 love the scent
 easy for rushing time, just dap dap and finish

 What I Dislike 
 Need PO, I waiting for this cushion almost 2 months
 limited series

Probably, actually I quite interesting buy A'pieu Christmas edition, but Dephito say that series is OOS

Thank you for reading my blog, image

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Thank you again and see you in another post

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