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Saturday, 12 March 2016

~Random Post~ My February Haul on Shopee

Welcome Marchhhh /too late 
finally I can blog again after I didn't have the free time after I started working, image
i wish i still have a time for blogging, because i am still trainee on my office and lots things i need to do image
in this post i will gonna show you my haul on shopee image
why shopee ? image
they offering free shipping throughout Indonesia with JNE and maximum shipping cost is IDR.80.000 such a big deal because shipping cost to my city very expensive image
because of that i can't stop looking shopee because not only free shipping, shopee always offering discount almost 90% every day and coupon discount too image
yay yay yay .. please take my monehhhhh image
so this is my February haul on Shoppe image

 3 Pcs Ultrathin Soft Case 
i have no idea why bought this image
because this is so cute and cheap image
i never buy any soft case because the price quite expensive in here about IDR 50.000-70.000 for 1 pcs softcase image
and i bought all just IDR 70.000
how big deal right image
so my phone become more cute than usual image

 Tempered Glass 
because i am careless girls and i ever make my previous phone screen broke 
so decide bought a tempered glass and this is so cheap around IDR 20.000 if i am not mistake image
the quality are quite great at least i hope this tempered glass can protect my phone screen from careless girl like me image

 Monopod Stick 
because this is Sailor Moon so i bought this image
no no no image
because, i looking for a monopod stick have snap button funcition so i no need timer for take a selfie although i never take selfie with my phone actually, but this really worth to buy because the price quite cheap around IDR 38.000 image

 Weifeng Tripod 
yayyyyy image
this is 1 my big wishlist after my bf bought me a new camera (review soon) image
this tripod quite light and easy to bring for travelling
at least I didn’t use chair again for to be a tripod for create video tutorial image
and for the price, I think this is most cheap tripod ever because the price around IDR 60.000-80.000 (depends online store)

 Etude House Precious BB Cream Cover & Bright Fit #Light Beige 
I never bought bb cream from etude house before image
I ever had bad experience with etude house bb cream although I just trying the sample
bb cream, this is make my skin become cakey and oxidase image
But I am so curious with this bb cream, because this bb cream has very great for oily combination skin, great coverage and I bought it in limited packing image
The price also quite reasonable IMO around IDR 120.000

 Mizzu Brigitte Fake Lashes, Mizzu Eyelash Fix & Mizzu Eyeliner Pen in Black 
I bought this because lot people say Mizzu had good quality and the price also reasonable 
I ever bought Mizzu Eyeliner Pen in Brown before, so now I try black color because my fren very recommend it ( sorry I throwing away the box) image
I will review it soon, because 1 product which make me regret for purchase it image
about the price ermmm i buy all around IDR 70.000 after get 20% discount from shopee

 Maybelline New Instant Age Rewind Concealer #Neutralizer 
Yayyy,, I bought it because lot of fellas blogger and youtubers recommend this concealer image
I had bit serious dark circle because I lack of sleep during watch korea drama 
I think this concealer must try items and the price quite cheap because discount from shopee from IDR 140.000 become IDR 124.000 image

 Mineral Botanica Lip Cream #Apple Berry & Vivid Matte Lipstick #Light Coral 
Red lips always hype in instagram, blog, and youtube so decide get 1 bright red lip cream. although, red lips not so me because my lips so small and make my face look fierce image
And reason I bought this because the price quite cheap IDR 49.000 and Vivid matte lipstick are free from coworkers because I help them bought MICA product almost IDR 1.000.000 with free shipping to my city (also curious) image
Actually I ever told myself for never buy MICA product again, because I felt upset with admin MICA Official Account, they asking me for pay 2kg shipping that is IDR 80.000 and when I receive the packet make me shocked because the packet very light and in the invoice printed the shipping just IDR 40.000 and I paying IDR 80.000 ?. I bought all the things with out discount, no free sample (like other costumer and I already buy with them twice) and cost me all almost IDR 800.000. how big amount actually ? image

 Tony Moly Delight Lip Tint #Red Cherry 
My fren always told me this is her favorite lip tint ever because the color really pop out than other brand image
Actually I ever try small version of tony moly lip tint, but I give it to my fren because make my hand messy image
So, I decide to get it again after I wanted have cute small lips as BJD (weird reason right ?) image
And the price also cheap than other lip tint, that is IDR 48.000

 Nova 2 in 1 Hair Beauty Set 
This is one from my old wishlist, I think this is very useful items because 2in1 function that is straightening and curler image
Very easy to use and cheap about IDR 99.000 (I guess got seller selling this with cheap or lower cost) image
FYK. I guess very hard to found authentic Nova 2 in 1 Hair Beauty set, because I also bought the fake one as long as the function is working well, so it’s not a big problem image

So that is my february Haul on shopee, maybe I will make a post about my March Haul in next month because they still offering Free shipping until 31 March 2016 image
But I wish they still continue this promotion until End Of Year 2016 image

See you in another post
Happy Shopping

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