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Thursday, 10 September 2015

~Sponsor Review~ Healthy Skin With GIZI

Hello bloggers, this time I will review one of skin care that became my favorite image

Why could become my favorite? because recently I find a face cream that fits my personality 

I'm not a skincare person, you could say I did not have any skin care for face care 

So all that is in my dressing table only makeup, makeup, and makeup, and for care my face, I only use milk cleanser or toner 

Although I don't use skin care, such as day cream, night cream, serum etc. I am very grateful to have skin that was not fussy because I followed the method of a healthy lifestyle is eating regularly, adequate sleep, drinking water and most importantly, don't stress, when the weekend I took time to do a facial treatment with peeling and mask doing. So if people ask treatments or skin care that I use, I can not answer. 

Maybe you are wondering why I don't like to use skin care? 

Only one answer is cream sticky texture and a long time absorb in the skin image

Different from the BB cream or foundation that could use a brush or sponge 


I know this Gizi product while viewing the ads on TV, when the packaging is still shaped jar.
And when I visited my friend's home, I see my friend mom use it and she told me this very great. image
gizi cream can moisturize dry skin, not just for face, she use it to dry parts as elbows and toes.
At that time I was not interested in using gizi, because the packaging is still shaped jar, the jar-shaped packaging looks not hygienic. image

image Product
Gizi has 4 superior product that is

Gizi super cream daily nutrition cream

Gizi super cream for daily nutrition cream with spf 18

Gizi super cream for daily nutrition cream (jar packaging)

Gizi daily natural lightening foam

Which makes me wow this product are the hallmarks of this product is 7 NO
 So it is safe for sensitive skin and in addition to 7 NO
 GIZI products contain 7 natural herbal ingredients from Indonesia

Rich in vitamins and minerals, helps nourish and moisturize the skin longer, and help rejuvenate the skin naturally.
Helps protect the skin from the damaging effects of UV rays.
Contain that can help prevent acne and reduce inflammation caused by acne.
Help prevent and reduce the effects of premature aging such as dark spots on the face.
Aloe vera
Help moisturize the skin longer, soothes the skin, and help brighten the skin.
Serves as a good natural antioxidant to help prevent premature aging.
Helps remove dead skin cells and rejuvenate skin cells, soften and brighten the skin.

And I feel lucky when KAWAIIBEAUTYJAPAN and GIZI send me three excellent GIZI products for I tried image

 Gizi daily natural lightening foam

With the packing more bigger than two other products, Gizi lightening foam is a natural daily facial cleanser that contains 5 natural herbs, so it can effectively clean the face in depth. image

 Gizi super cream daily Nutrition Cream with nano technology

Super cream for daily Gizi Nutrition Cream comes with different packaging than before, with a typical tube-shaped packaging dominant green and white color, easy to carry and more hygienic in use. By using nano technology. Super cream daily Gizi Nutrition Cream is more quickly absorbed in the skin and is not sticky. image

Gizi super cream daily Nutrition Cream with SPF 18

Gizi super cream daily Nutrition Cream with spf 18 is different from Gizi super cream daily Nutrition Cream, from packaging the dominant with yellow and white color and cream is comes with spf 18 that can protect us from UV exposure, so this cream very suitable for activities outdoors.image

image Swatch and textures

 Gizi daily natural lightening foam

Gizi Facial Foam

Hadalabo Facial Foam
I compare the Gizi daily natural lightening foam with facial foam that I use for few year, as you can see cream from Gizi daily natural lightening foam texture is more watery from HadaLabo and when the cream became foam, Gizi daily natural lightening foam more foamy and solid from the HL brand. I love the smell from the fragrance nutrition soft foam and brands HL has no smell.image

Gizi super cream daily Nutrition Cream with nano technology

Has lightweight and thin texture, this cream doesn't feel sticky when in use and make the face feels moist, unfortunately I do not like the smell of this cream. image

Gizi super cream daily Nutrition Cream with SPF 18

Has thicker texture, Gizi super cream daily Nutrition Cream with SPF 18 not too quickly absorbed because it contains spf 18, making skin becomes matte and tight, the smell of the cream is slightly similar to Gizi super cream daily Nutrition Cream with nano technology and if use too much the cream can white cast on the face 


Rating  /5 Cherry

I use super cream daily Gizi Nutrition Cream with nano technology as a night cream and cream daily super Gizi Nutrition Cream with nano technology with spf 18 as a day cream. And the result is a bright and moist skin because my nose skin are dry. image

What I Like
Moisturize and brighten the face with regular use
Does not contain harmful ingredients 7
Contains 7 natural herbal ingredients
I like the packaging that is friendly travel
Falling in love with facial foam, not a pain in the eye and very soft aroma
Cream texture that is not sticky and quickly absorb because it uses nano technology
The price is quite friendly

What I Dislike
Fragrance of cream
Not available on my city (yesterday was a survey to the super market and mini market nearby)

For more info about nutrition can visit

thank you for reading and jaaa nee 

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